All you need to know about a business investment visa

Author : Swati Sharma | Published On : 14 Jan 2022

Australia is a beautiful island country with a strong and thriving economy. The Australian economy is dominated by services sectors.

 These include

  • Tourism

  • banking system

  • real estate

  • education

  • retail

  • recreation

  • media

  • and supply necessities 

61% of the economy of the country encompasses this sector. Australia is known to be rich in natural resources. It takes the 8th position in the world for natural resources. It has a record of being the country with rising GDP growth. Another prominent fact is that it welcomes immigrants to fill in their vacancies in various fields. This also helps to expand their business by investing in the markets as well as real estate. 

For people who are interested in investing and wishes to migrate to the nation then an Australian investment visa for Indians is an option to choose to invest and relocate to Australia. 

About business investment visa Australia 

There are several pathways under this Program. This obliges the applicant to submit their Expression of Interest. Such profiles will get nominated by the State or Territory Government Agency based on the requirements under different streams. Once the applicant gets nominated, applicants gets an invitation to apply for their Australian investment visa for Indians. This is a Provisional Visa program. This program includes several streams. These include –

  1. Business investor stream

  2. Investor stream 

  3. Significant investor stream

  4. Business innovation extension stream 

  5. Significant innovation extension stream

  6. Premium investor stream 

  7. Entrepreneurship stream

This program is generally specific to high net worth individuals. They are required to prove their net worth and most be highly qualified people with bright innovative ideas. If the investor invests a minimum of AUD 15 million, they receive PR permit. The applicant can bring the family to Australia. They qualify to suit to be a sponsor to invite qualified individuals to Australia. The applicants will have to get appointed by the Government of Australia to qualify for this program with regulations.

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