All That You Need To Know Before You Make Your First Dive in Sri Lanka

Author : Davis Smith | Published On : 04 Jul 2024

Slowly but surely, Sri Lanka is becoming one of the most outstanding and popular of tourist destinations in the world. Today, the pristine beaches and ocean waters of Sri Lanka make diving in Sri Lanka one of the most outstanding and attractive tourist events of all time. It attracts a lot of divers- new and veterans- from across the globe. What attracts the divers? Divers are drawn to our island's remote beaches and seas rich in marine life. People come here looking for the best diving in Sri Lanka. One of the most outstanding features of diving in this place is the fact that it is rich in coral and marine life. Your underwater adventures take you deep into some of the most exquisite underwater sites where you get to see the vast tapestry of colorful marine life and the majestic biodiversity of the underwater world. 

The nicest thing about choosing Sri Lanka as a diving destination is that you can dive at any point of time in the year, regardless of the season you visit. This means that most of the time, except the time of peak monsoons, you will have a seamless experience in exploring the pristine nature of the country. Technically speaking, there will be two diving seasons in Sri Lanka. The south and west coasts are ideal for diving from December to April, while the east coast should be on your diving itinerary from May to October/November.

Sri Lanka does not have liveaboards. Both the island and the distance between the diving spots have shrunk. It's simpler to reserve an onshore accommodation close to the diving spot, location, or destination. This allows you to enjoy the flexibility of going for a dive anytime you choose or whenever you feel like, especially if you are a pro diver. And if diving is not on the list of things to do today, you can choose to spend the day exploring the area's attractions or lounging on the beach.

Sri Lanka's northwestern and western shores are simply stunning, because of the sheer range of activities you can do, or the sheer range of things you get to explore (and not just the beaches and the seas). Shipwrecks abound in Colombo and Negombo provides one of the most ideal spots for divers with a sense of adventure and a taste for exploring underwater shipwrecks. For those who enjoy exploring the beauty of undersea wrecks, you have the ideal location in Sri Lanka to satisfy your curiosity and adventurous zeal. You may be surprised to know that there are more than twenty stunning wrecks in the diving areas or diving waters around Colombo. 

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