All eight Cut the Rope Games and What they're

Author : Loomis Strand | Published On : 08 Apr 2021

You'd not think it, but the cutesy Cut the Rope puzzle game is now actually 10 years old! Even though it's quite old, Cut the Rope has remained extremely well-liked among puzzle game lovers. Marked by eight sequels, Cut the Rope is undeniably popular. Obviously, eight widely differing versions of the game may be confusing for newbies so we decided to make a brief list differentiating the sequels from the game.

• Cut the Rope - The very first, the originator, the pioneer! Cut the Rope has turn out to be a permanent and constantly well-liked name among mobile games. The game is essentially a physics-based puzzle game exactly where players need to, nicely, reduce ropes. The objective would be to eat the candy that's hanging on a rope and have it consumed by Om Nom. As you go up and up, the obstacles also turn out to be increasingly thoughts boggling.

• Cut the Rope: Experiments - This really is the first component of Cut the Rope and also the gameplay closely resembles the very first game. What tends to make Cut the Rope: Experiments various is the fact that it has new stories and characters. In Cut the Rope: Experiments, you'll also discover more concerning the cute Om Nom’s life story.

• Cut the Rope: Time Travel - In an awesome time bending adventure, Om Nom travels back in time and discovers the wonders of ancient candy! What tends to make this 1 various from the previous ones is that you will find now two candies instead of just 1!

• Cut the Rope two: Unexpected Adventure - Despite being fourth in line, this 1 is really the direct sequel of the original Cut the Rope. Aside from that, this sequel also has much more new characters and Om Nom’s friends. This sequel obviously has more stuff to offer like locations, cosmetics, and even new gameplays, amongst many other things of course! If you would like to play arguably the very best game within the franchise at this time, then attempt Cut the Rope two: Unexpected Adventure right now!

• Cut the Rope: Triple Treat - Not an actual sequel or new game, Triple Treat is really much more of a compilation of the levels from Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel - hence the name. Cut the Rope: Triple Treat can also be a handheld console game, specifically for Nintendo 3DS.

• Cut the Rope: Magic - Cut the Rope: Magic will be the first 1 to integrate new actions in the whole franchise. Because of cut the rope full free of a mishap, Om Nom was magically turned into a dragon. In dragon type, Om Nom can use numerous skills like flying, turning small, and even a magical attack that has a wide range.

• Om Nom: Merge - The second towards the last inclusion within this franchise has taken a 360 degree turn and completely changed the whole concept of the game. It is nonetheless a puzzle game, but no longer a rope cutting game any longer simply because Om Nom’s goal would be to restore the forest balance.

• Om Nom: Run - An additional completely new genre, this 1 is really an endless platform game featuring none apart from Om Nom obviously! Nomville is really a pretty harmful place, so help Om Nom get via the obstacles safely whilst also gathering power-ups, achievements, and new characters!