Airborne Weapon Systems for Rotorcraft are Very Important to Military Planners As They are are Sile

Author : Geeta Patil | Published On : 16 Mar 2021

Airborne weapon systems for rotorcraft are very important to military planners. They are used in combat from the UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Ultra-light Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. These weapon systems are also called UAS or UAVs. Most of these air defense systems can be either manually operated or can be remotely operated. These systems have a big advantage over enemy aircraft because they are silent, highly maneuverable, and highly effective.

Remotely operated Airborne Weapon Systems for Rotorcraft can be as simple as a radio-controlled machine or as complex as a computer networked system. Remotely operated weapons systems can fire anti-aircraft missiles, surface-to-air missiles, or fire and maneuver aircraft-guided missiles. These systems are widely used for surveillance, monitoring, and other offensive purposes. Many nations are using such systems for their own military requirements.

Most combat aerial vehicle systems are either surface-to-air missiles or air-to-air missiles. Some are used in mid-air refueling for military helicopters. Some of the airborne weapon systems for rotorcraft can also take-off and land at an airport. Such weapon systems are most commonly used by UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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