Air France Manage Booking | Policy & Benefits

Author : Airways Manage Booking | Published On : 19 Feb 2024

Have you already reserved your flight with Air France and are you managing a trip? Best wishes! You would possibly be questioning how to control your reservation to make any required adjustments. Don't worry; we will take you through a step-by-step guide for the Air France Manage Booking option. This blog has all the information you need, whether or not you are an experienced traveler or this is all new to you, to effectively manage your Air France reservation.

How to Access Air France Manage Booking Option?

Passengers can use the Manage My Booking provider offline or online in a range of ways. Travelers can get the right of entry to this facility via the Air France Mobile App or the Air France official website if they would like to make changes online. Alternatively, you can contact Air France customer service by way of telephone or with the help of travelling to the airport counter if you would like to use this function offline.

Benefits of Manage My Booking Portal at Air France

  • Adaptable Modifications: Change flight information, inclusive of dates and times, with ease to suit evolving plans.
  • Seat Selection: To ensure a customized and at-ease journey, choose your chosen seats in advance.
  • Special Service Requests: Customize your travel by soliciting specific services, such as help with mobility or meal restrictions.
  • Itinerary Access: Easily view and manage your total itinerary in one location.
  • Online Check-In: Avoid airport traces and retailer time via checking in online.
  • Updates on Flight Status: For higher preparation, be conscious of any modifications to your flight schedule.
  • Baggage Management: Take care of baggage preferences, such as extending the dispensed quantity or reviewing guidelines.
  • Access with the aid of E-Tickets: For a seamless check-in experience, rapidly get entry to and study the small print on your digital ticket.

How to Manage Your Booking at Air France?

Bookings for Air France are managed by way of the Air France official website. 

  • Go to to make changes to your reservations first.
  • The preferences will appear. Select "Manage My Booking".
  • If you have a Flying Blue subscription, you can download your reservations and get entry to your account. 
  • As quickly as the web page loads, you have to enter some data.

Your reserved reference wide variety needs to be entered first, then your last name. The e-mail or SMS you dispatched consists of your reserved reference variety and different details. Make the changes you want to the flight of your choosing. Several carrier selections are on hand for you, such as modifying, adding, or getting rid of ingredients from your reservation. Now comply with the recommendations provided.