Are You Getting Tired Of Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater? 10 Inspirational Sources To Bring B

Author : Currie Vinter | Published On : 24 May 2024

Buying a Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater

This freestanding electric heater looks stylish and offers good heat. It comes with a timer that can be set up for up to 8 hours and separate switches for the flames as well as the heat. It is CSA certified, comes with overheat prevention and cool-touch surfaces to make it safe.

We could feel the heat as far as 4.5 feet away during testing. It comes with an automatic shutoff feature that turns off in the event that temperatures rise to dangerous levels.

Hardwired or plug-in?

Electric fireplace heaters are a fantastic way to add warmth and ambiance to your home without the need for wood or gas. They are a versatile unit that can be put on any surface. LED lights with multiple colors mimic the movement of traditional flames, creating an authentic fireplace effect. They provide supplemental heating and can be placed on any floor surface. Certain models also come with a thermostat built-in to regulate the heat in your room, so you can avoid overheating.

You can also choose from a range of styles, including traditional moulding or an appropriately proportioned insert. You can also pick a wall-mounted unit that's in line with the wall, creating a sleek and upscale look for your living space. Some models are even capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet with infrared technology.

Since they're powered with electricity They're more energy efficient than their gas or wood-burning counterparts. To ensure your unit is performing at its best check for an efficiency rating and temperature controls.

A crucial aspect to consider when choosing an electric fireplace is whether you want it to be wired or plug-in. The former will provide more energy output, but it requires an electrician who is a professional to install it. Plug-in models are easier to install and can be used in any outlet with a compatible power level. They typically produce less heat than their hardwired counterparts.

Another thing to take into consideration is the frequency of use. If you are a frequent host of events, you might prefer a model that comes with remote-controlled functions to change between different ambiance settings. Some manufacturers also include options such as a timer or cool-touch exterior, and overheat protection for added safety.

If you are purchasing an electric fireplace, be sure that the plug has three prongs. This reduces the chance of fires and injuries by making sure that the heater is not overheated. It is also a good idea to avoid placing multiple electrical appliances on the same circuit since they could overload it.

Flames or no flames?

The first question to think about when purchasing a freestanding electric fireplace heater is whether you'd like flames. Many electric fireplaces use LED lights to mimic a flame effect and can be adjusted to fit the style of your room. Some models also offer crackling sounds to enhance the ambience. Other units use infrared technology to distribute heat more effectively and quietly. Infrared units are great for heating large areas, and they help keep the room temperature constant even after the unit is turned off.

If you do want flames, think about the style of fire you'd like to see. Certain models have a log-style fire, with glowing embers, and realistic flame movement. Some models have an elegant design that blends well with any interior design. Some models feature a holographic flame effect, which creates the illusion of an actual wood fire, without the mess or dangers.

Some models provide a range of heat settings that allows you to adjust the flames and coal bed to match your preferences. Some models even come with a timer that allows you to set the temperature for up to eight hours before shutting off automatically.

Other features to consider include a thermostat, which allows you to regulate the heat levels in your home, and an remote that makes it easy to operate the fireplace from any place in the room. Certain models have an option to not heat that allows you to turn on the flames without heating the room.

You can also buy an electric fireplace set that comes with a heater built in, but does not actually produce heat. freestanding fires can be used year-round and are designed to be the focal point of your room. They usually come with a choice of ember and flame colors settings, adjustable thermostats and remote controls.

Certain suites can be mounted on the wall or recessed into a wall to give them a sleek and elegant appearance. These are great for those with a limited area or are looking to seamlessly integrate the suite into their existing interior.

Safety features

Electric fireplace heaters are less likely to overheat than wood-burning or gas counterparts, but they require regular maintenance to ensure their performance is at its best. Choose models that have adjustable heat and flame settings to minimize energy consumption, as well as protection mechanisms against overheating to limit the risk of fire. For extra peace of mind, consider an option with child locks as well as a cool-to-touch exterior to minimize the risk of burns or other accidents.

In addition to the remote that lets you to control all settings, this model includes a wall anchor kit to make installation simple. The unit also comes with a timer, which allows you to program it to shut down after a certain hour. This way you can enjoy the flames without having to worry about overheating. The unit is CSA certified, which means you can be sure it meets the highest safety standards.

This compact model is among the most affordable options we tested, and it offers the most feature-rich package for its price. It has a sleek, contemporary design with two ember bed options that include logs for a more traditional look or crystal stones for a more modern appearance. You can adjust the flame intensity and color according to your preference and decide to display the embers with or without the flames.

This model is CSA certified for safety, and it comes with an automatic shutoff feature to prevent overheating. It has a sleek exterior that is sturdy enough to stand up to bumps. You can also place decor on it. In our tests, this fireplace heated a room quickly and efficiently.

The unit has a nice overheat safety feature, and the temperature knobs are user-friendly. The flames and embers are visible from all directions. This gives your space an authentic look. The unit utilizes radiant, or infrared, heating to warm people and objects directly rather than circulating air around the room. This is a great option for smaller spaces that don't require much additional heating.


Freestanding electric fireplace heaters are a fantastic choice for those who don't want to deal with smoke chimneys, wood or smoke. They also have more versatility than traditional fire places, since they don't require venting.

When you are looking for a freestanding fireplace take into consideration how it will look within your home. Some models are modern and sleek, while others are designed to resemble traditional fireplaces. Review reviews and compare prices to determine which model will complement your decor.

It's important to know the amount of heat you need before purchasing an electric fireplace heater. Certain models will produce more heat than others, despite the fact they clearly specify the dimensions of the room they are designed for. The recommended BTUs are compared to the dimensions of the room.

Infrared or radiant heating, is utilized by the majority of freestanding electric fireplace heaters to warm objects and people in the immediate proximity. Some models have the ability to control the temperature and flame settings. Models that have an adjustable temperature dial allow you to adjust the temperature of your room to your desired level.

A freestanding electric heater can offer lots of warmth even though it's not producing as much heat as wood-burning models or gas models. Some models include fans that circulate air around heated ceramic plates to help distribute the warmth throughout a room. A lot of these models allow you to control the flame feature independently from the heat. This is perfect for summer nights, when you're looking to create ambiance.

Another way to save money on a freestanding electric fireplace is to buy one with energy-saving features, such as a programmable timer. While some models may be more expensive than others, most brands offer a wide selection of options that will fit all budgets.