Advantages of Hiring an Independent Financial Advisor for Pension Transfers

Author : Pension Exchange | Published On : 17 Mar 2021

On matters concerning your pension transfer, it is in your best interest to hire an independent financial advisor for pensions who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling pension accounts and managing them so you can save more and at the same time make sure that you will be financially secure in the foreseeable future.

An independent financial advisor for pensions exchange and related transactions is invaluable in helping you avoid costly mistakes when considering a pension transfer. These are professionals who can help you reach your personal financial goals and make sure that your accounts stay intact in the process.

A pension exchange advisor and specialist is knowledgeable across various pension schemes and can provide you with sound pension transfer advice, working with and for you in order to optimise the transfer and ensure the best outcome for your pension. Because pension plans are crucial to your financial stability long after you retire, deciding what you should do with your pension is important to maintain that security.

Pensions can range from simple to highly complex products, depending on the scheme at play. In its most basic sense, a pension is simply a pot of cash that employees and their employer pay into and in which employees get a tax relief on, thus helping them save up for retirement. At retirement, the pension holder can then draw money from the pension pot or choose to exchange cash with the insurance company foran annuity or a regular income for the rest of the pension holder’s life. A pension exchange can have many complexities that only an independent financial advisor for pensions can help you with as you decide to go through a transfer or exchange.


About the Author:

This article is written by Isabel Davis on behalf of Pension Exchange. Pension Exchange are pension transfer specialists, specialising in UK final salary schemes. They transfer UK final salary pension funds for people based in the UK.