Advantages Of Buying A Plot

Author : Zeeshan Haider | Published On : 16 Aug 2021

Real estate is one of the best forms of investment. Now a day, plenty of options are available when it comes to real estate. You can buy a home, a flat, an apartment, a shop, and the list goes on. However, buying a plot is considered the best choice if you have to buy any property. For example, you can find a plot for sale in Bahria Town, but buying a plot is better. So let's know about the advantages of buying a plot.

Freedom to build your dream

When you see a plot for sale in DHA, you may not like the design of the house. The plot gives you that freedom which a house owner wants. You will have all the freedom to design your own house from scratch. This feature is more useful if you want a basement or some other unique feature in your home. You can use the material of your choice, and you can build the house in a portion according to your budget. So, you will have every kind of freedom when you buy a plot.

Plots are less expensive.

If we compare a house for sale in Bahria Town and a plot at the same location, the plot will be cheaper. From the investment point of view, a plot is better, as you can buy a big plot for the same amount instead of a small house. The plot is a good choice for those who have a limited budget. They can invest in a plot and save some more money to build a house later.

Prices of plots always increase.

Prices of properties increase with time. But if you have a house, it will look old after few years, or the fixtures and fittings will look outdated. If you try to sell it, you may not get the required money, which is the actual price of the house. On the other hand, the price of the plot always increases. Therefore, there is no chance of loss if you have a plot. You can easily find property for sale in Bahria Town but try to find a suitable plot to invest in real estate.

Plots are ready for immediate possession.

When you buy a house, you may not get the possession immediately. This is because the owner may vacate the house, or there may be some renovation issues. But plots are available for immediate possession. You pay the full amount, and you are the owner of the plot. You can start the construction the next morning. It is easy to find a plot for sale in Islamabad, but immediate possession will not be available even in big societies like Bahria Town.

No maintenance cost

If you want to buy real estate for investment only, a plot is better as there is no maintenance cost. Of course, you have to maintain a house properly to keep its value high. But the plot has its value; there is no need to invest in it to maintain or retain its market value. You can sell it later at a high price without investing more money.

Less Property Tax

When you find a house for sale in Bahria Town, you also have to think about the property tax. Property tax varies with the size and location of the property. Commercial property tax is higher as compared to residential ones. But for the plot, you have to pay a very low property tax compared to a constructed house. So, buying a plot can save you more money than buying a house. Moreover, plots are easy and quick to resell as compared to other property options. 

You can easily find a house for sale in DHA or property for sale in Bahria Town but choose the best option suitable for you. Buying a plot offers a lot of advantages which you can not avail otherwise.