Advancements in STIHL Chainsaw technology

Author : Qspower equipment | Published On : 11 Jun 2021


Regardless of whether you're a homeowner hoping to cut branches on your property or an expert hoping to fell the hardest trees, STIHL is the name trusted for ages. STIHL chainsaws offer extraordinary cutting technology, advanced cutting tech and amazing trustworthiness. With regards to chainsaws, there is STIHL and then there's everyone else. 

If you want to know about STIHL Chainsaw technology advancements till now and maybe the best local STIHL dealer or rather we should say STIHL Chainsaw dealer, this article is for you. But firstly, let's see their advancements from how they've evolved over the past 90 years.

The Past

Andreas Stihl fostered the main electric chainsaw in 1926 and their first gas fueled saw in 1929. What's more, similar to the early autos of the Roaring 20's, our chainsaws' fundamental parts – motor, bar and chain – stayed natural, however especially progressed, components of their unique chainsaw. And now there are thousands of units who want to be a certified STIHL dealer.

STIHL has been setting the norm for chainsaws and other garden power equipment for a very long time. During this time, they have accomplished various key feature breakthroughs. These include the major ones like- 

Automatic chain oiling - the chain and guide bar are consequently greased up by an oil pressure lubrication framework in the handpiece (1934). 

Centrifugal clutch - this guarantees that the saw chain is consequently best in class as the motor speed increments (1936). 

Anti-vibration system - the chainsaw is presently furnished with an anti-vibration handle (1964). 

Electronic ignition framework - shows up interestingly on the chainsaw model 041 AV electronic, guaranteeing inconvenience free beginning and ideal burning (1968). 

Single-lever Master Control LeverTM - the capacities cold start, start, run and stop are worked securely and dependably by means of the handle (1976). 

ElastoStart framework - a dampener coordinated into the handle retains the peak forces, seen as jerks, when pulling the starter rope on chainsaws and other power tools (1991). 

Easy2Start (E) – STIHL's progressive easy starting system sets an extra spring between the crankshaft and the starter rope. The outcome is a single and easy two-finger pull-start (2003).  

Lithium-particle battery innovation – STIHL's advancement 36 V lithium-particle battery innovation controls the new light cordless clipper range (2009). 

The Present

Today, STIHL keeps on putting a high value on designing and execution. That is the reason they specially craft and assemble their own guide bars and saw chains for every one of their machines in-house. This guarantees ideal chainsaw execution in the field.

STIHL Chainsaws consolidate inventive innovation with high force, ideal ergonomic plan and low weight. These properties limit the weight for man and the climate. STIHL supplies chainsaws in an assortment of hardware forms and for all reasons, with power appraisals from 1.3 kW to 6.4 kW (1.6 HP to 8.7 HP).  


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