Actraiser Renaissance is the remaster of Snes that you did not know you needed and is now available

Author : cammy austillgoz | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

The Nintendo Direct allow us to know all the novelties on the way to the consoles of the Kyoto, but there is always room to look back and return to the past. We talked about Actraiser Renaissance ad, the Super Nintendo worship game that returns by surprise to our screens remastered in HD . A proposal that you can see in action here thanks to its trailer of presentation ... or try it on your own, since is now available in Nintendo Switch, as well as in PS4, PC, iOS and Android.

The basis of its plot could not be more traditional: we embodied Lord of Light , in charge of ending the Lord of Darkness, as if of a theatrical work of Charlie Kelly dealt. But from behind it hides a playable premise that was quite original in 1990, when Actraiser debuted in Japan for SNES players.

And is that this game combines the 2D adventures lateral displacement and action with other phases of management and construction in the style of a god game , where we will guide humanity towards your salvation based on planning and expand their cities, perform miracles and encourage population growth. Actraiser Renaissance returns with graphics in HD and with its original soundtrack SNES, as well as with a remixed version that includes new tracks.

The Yuzo Koshiro composer points out that the new musical themes have been created first with SNES sounds in mind, so you can enjoy them in both modes. Also added new levels and fighting against heads , so that the most veterans have new surprises to discover. This is one of the ads of a Nintendo Direct that has also given us the presentation of Castlevania Advance Collection for PC and consoles, as well as a new Kirby and the forgotten land and, of course, the first Gameplay Trailer of Bayonetta 3.