A Special Flower Arrangement

Author : SHARIQ KHATRI | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

For the greenery, this would be easier if you are a skilled florist. All you have to do is arrange the leaves into a form of a bouquet. Include your dowels and discs in the arrangement, and secure your flower arrangement with a nice ribbon. You can also use a wire, but it would be prettier if you top it off with a ribbon. However, if you are not very skilled in arranging flowers, you can ask a florist to help you with this part.

Stick the cupcakes on the dowels, making sure that they are secure enough so that they do not fall over. Ideally, just use medium size cupcakes of 5x6 inches so that they are neither too big nor too small for your bouquet.
Alternative ideas

The aforementioned cupcake bouquet instructions are not the only ways on how to make a cupcake bouquet.

What if you want your flower bouquet to be the centerpiece in an event? You can do this, too, in just 15 minutes. If you want to use the bouquet as a centerpiece, you first need to decide on the container you will use. Usually, you need to prepare a small pot which you will use to make the bouquet of cupcakes stand. Also, a cabbage or a Styrofoam ball is needed where you will stick your cupcakes, plus colored paper, icing, toothpicks, and tissue paper.

Trim the cabbage head, taking off the extra layers until it fits your pot or container. Make sure that half of the cabbage head is visible outside the container.

Wrap a piece of colored paper around the cabbage head before placing it into the container.

It's time to decorate your cupcakes! Be creative and let your ideas rein free. Just get a piece of cupcake and mess around with it until you find the design that you prefer. You can make it look like a flower so as to continue with the idea of a cupcake flower bouquet, or you can just stick the cupcake as it is, which is not fun at all, to be honest. If you want something simple, you can swirl some icing on top of the cupcakes. However, you need to remember that you cannot just stick the cupcakes like that into your cabbage or it will melt and drip after a short while. Refrigerate it first for 20 minutes so as to harden the icing. Besides, it is easier to work on the crusted frosting once it is refrigerated. You can also decorate your cupcake once it is already stuck on the cabbage, but that would be a little messy if you are not careful.

Get a piece of toothpick and treerose.com a hole at the bottom of your cakes. Remove them and stick the same toothpicks on your cupcakes, then place your cupcakes on the toothpick. Arrange the toothpick and the cupcakes depending on the design that you want to achieve.

Once you are done arranging your cupcakes on the cabbage, take some colored tissue paper and crumple them just enough to make the corners visible. Use these tissue paper to fill in the gaps of your cupcake bouquet.