A Quick Guide to Promote your ICO Effectively

Author : Hailey Garcia | Published On : 08 Mar 2021

What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering refers to the process of raising funds for a crypto-based project. The process primarily involves selling a part of digital assets to early investors in exchange for any legal tender or Bitcoin.

Why do we Need to Market an ICO?

ICOs were successful until 2018. Despite this success, a report states that there have been many unsuccessful ICOs. To be precise, only 48% of the ICOs managed to reach their soft cap. For a crypto project to be successful, an effective ICO marketing strategy is all that’s needed. Only then, you can promote the ICO and enable it to reach the target market.

Be the Best to Beat the Competition

Whatever marketing strategy you select to promote your ICO, you will find yourself in stiff competition. Therefore, you should be the best to win the game. You can also connect with a marketing agency to employ its ICO development services.

  • Your Target Audience:

Although cryptocurrencies are in rising popularity, it doesn’t state that your ICO should be marketed to the masses. “In doing so, you will be spending a lot of resources and time without achieving successful conversions.” To stay on the right path, make sure you understand your target group and put in your efforts to keep that specific group engaged. Splitting your audience group helps you in deciding the perfect campaign for each group.

  • Hire an ICO advisor:

An experienced ICO advisor is the right person to help you promote your ICO. Therefore, you should hire an ICO expert to assist you with the project. ICO advisors possess in-depth knowledge of the marketing structure. They understand the Dos and Don’ts in the crypto market. So, it is easy for them to analyze which marketing strategy will work for your project and which will not.

  • Transparent Nature:

The most crucial factor to make your ICO successful is transparency. Transparent nature builds trust and creates confidence in the buyers. This increases the capital collected during the first offering. To create confidence among investors, give information about all the team players who worked on your project. Also, you should provide the financial reports of the project. Make sure you have a responsive team on all online platforms to respond to the questions & concerns of potential investors.

  • Convey your Story:

People always like to hear stories. Investors will likely associate with ICOs whose vision and mission are clear and attractive. If you have an engaging story to tell about your project, then the chances of turning your potential customers into supporters are incredibly high. This also paves the way for the success of your ICO.

  • Stick to the Guidelines:

ICO is evolving, yet it is a budding venture, and so abiding by the laws is a very critical issue. There is a need for all ICOs to be compliant for potential buyers to think of investing in them. To be a champion in this field, make sure your ICO follows all the SEC guidelines and other regional regulations. This will surely make your ICO strategy successful.


To make your ICO successful, you need to blend perfect marketing strategies. Building a working strategy requires time and in-depth analysis. A bit of little advice here, “take your time to study what works best, and on top of it, ensure your ICO is trustworthy and compliant”.