A Productive Rant About Double Buggy From Birth

Author : Mark Mcdowell | Published On : 31 May 2024

Buying a Double Buggy From Birth

When choosing the perfect double buggy, there are many things to consider. Katie Billingsley, a postnatal retreat expert from the Fourth Trimester, gave us her suggestions on everything from seating options and age groups, to folding mechanisms and storage.

A must-have purchase for active families This buggy will grow with your family from twins to toddlers. It's lightweight and has great maneuverability and can tackle difficult terrain with ease.

What kind of buggy would you prefer?

A double buggy is perfect for transporting two children, but not necessarily of the same age, side by side. They can also serve as prams and come with the ability to recline in each seat, so your children can lay down in various positions. Many of them also have plenty of storage space for everything from drinks and snacks to nappies and wipes. They are usually light, fold easily, and small enough to fit in the car boot. If you drive a great amount, it's essential to make sure that the buggy be easily pushed around by folding the wheels into your boot and taken out.

The most popular type of double buggy is the side by side one, which you've likely seen on other moms pushchairs, or perhaps ridden in as a child yourself. These are great for older siblings who want to keep up with you or for twins and typically have a large number of seating configurations (including "cinema" seats) for your children to pick from. They're usually easy to drive and, if you go for a model with soft suspension, make light work of the kerbs.

double travel buggy pushchairsandprams.uk are another popular option since they're more maneuverable than a side-by-side. This is due to the fact that the second seat is positioned behind the first instead of over it. The seats are generally wider and bulkier than a traditional side by side, so you should check whether they can fit through doors or on public transport. They can be used to transport twins, a toddler and three children, with the addition of an extra buggy board.

Lastly there are the'single-to-double' convertibles which can be used as a single pushchair from birth then convert to a double by attaching a second seat, carrycot or car seat to their clever frame. They're more expensive than tandem buggies or side-by-side buggies, however they provide a lot of flexibility and have a high selling price. They're generally simple to steer, feature a huge storage basket and are able to handle uneven surfaces. Some models even come with a built-in ride-on board and 'cinema seating' for your older child.

Do you have twins?

Double buggys are the ideal way to transport your children, regardless of whether they are twins or older siblings. There are two types of double buggies: tandem buggies, where one child is seated over the other, and side-byside buggies. Both buggies can accommodate two seats fixed. However side-by-side buggies are smaller to be able to pass through doors. Tandems tend to be larger in general. They can also accommodate both a toddler seat and a carrycot.

Do you have a toddler?

Being a parent to a child can be a big responsibility at first, especially when you have to tend to the infant. They may be a bit irritated when they are in a baby carrier as you push the older sibling along, so having a double buggy right from the beginning will make life easier. It can also help your child get into their new role as a 'big sister or brother'.

The side-by-side double buggies could be a great choice for twins, since both children will have the same view. However they are heavy and heavy. The Leclerc B-AGILE DUAL is a compact double buggy with an innovative frame that expands in width and can accommodate two fixed seats. It also comes with a variety of configuration options including using the second seat for an infant bassinet.

We recommend the Mountain Buggy Double Trailblazer to families who are active and love to explore. This clever buggy can start with a single pushchair but is then convertible into a double, which can include a second seat or carrycot, or car seat (depending on the model). Its smooth ride is perfect for rough terrain, and it comes with many thoughtful features that will ensure that everyone is happy.

Do you need a travel system?

Double buggies are great for transporting your children around in comfort, but they're not a necessary purchase for every family. Based on your lifestyle and the age gap between your kids you may be able to get by using a single stroller with certain attachments such as baby carriers and toddler harnesses that allow you to ferry your child around on their backs or in front of you.

If you do opt for a double buggy there are three kinds to choose from: side by side as well as convertible. The two seats are positioned in a row, so that your children can see one another. They are wider than a single stroller, and may be difficult to maneuver through the kerbs. Tandem buggies offer an easier way to travel with a single seat in the front and another in the rear, but they are still large and heavy to push.

Convertible double buggies permit you to convert one stroller into double buggy by attaching the bassinet or infant car seat to the frame. It is possible to keep your baby in the car seat until is able to climb up into the buggy seat. The UPPAbaby V2 is a good example - it can be used with twins or a toddler, an infant, or even three children with the option of a PiggyBack Board.

Once your children are older and have more endurance, a double-buggy can also be used to accompany them on bicycle rides or day trips where they'd prefer to walk. It's important to remember that your children may not always enjoy being in a stroller and could be tired and irritable when they are on longer excursions.

So, before you decide to purchase a double buggy at the time of birth, take some time to consider the above factors and the particular circumstances of your family. Having a sturdy and reliable double stroller will simplify your life particularly if you have to navigate through busy streets or bustling shopping centres.