A Guide to Choosing the Right Meat for Kebabs

Author : Michael Auf Auf | Published On : 10 Jun 2021


Kebab is a dish of skewered and grilled cubes of meat and vegetables that is popular all over the Middle East. Traditionally made of lamb, kebabs with chicken, beef, tofu, and vegetables are common all over the world. However, do you know the secret to great kebab is choosing the right meat and cut? Yes, that’s what helps to get the delectable kebabs offered at the restaurants. Skewered foods are the best summertime foods.

A kebab tastes better only when the meat is delicious and is in the right cut. When it comes to doner kebab meat for sale, there are unlimited choices to choose from. However, the meat on the skewer needs to be delicious, tender, and affordable. So, we wanted to help you and shared some tips for ensuring that you are buying the right meat to ensure skewer success.

Choosing the Right Meat for Kebabs


To start with, you’ll need meat that’s uniformly cubed. Look for a piece of meat cut that is at least 1 inch tall or 1 inch cubes. By ensuring that you have uniform size cubes will help to cook all the meat cubes evenly cooked at the same time. If the size isn’t right, the chances are high that some parts of meat might be undercooked or overcooked. So buy doner meat kebab meat in one inch cubes.

Moreover, the meat should be juicier for getting flavour kebabs. Look for the darker and fattier cuts of meat instead of lean meat since it is more prone to drying out easily, leading to a failure recipe. While fattier meats are preferred for making kebabs, too much fat can make the kebabs chewy and unpleasant when it is cooked at that high temperature. It is better out to cut out excess fat and sinew it when cubing the meat.

The key to getting a delicious kebab is marination. Also, marination creates endless possibilities for flavouring. Marinades have a double purpose; it helps absorb the flavour of the ingredients and salt which further aids in giving juiciest kebabs.


If you are planning to make kebabs with beef, go for sirloin steaks as they are usually cut about an inch thick and have little fat with a beefy flavour that’s delicate than other cuts. This type of cut allows you to get the full flavour of the marination with a nice beefy flavour that’s not overpowering.


Chicken thighs are the ideal choice for making kebabs. Of course, chicken breasts are better at picking up the flavours of marinade. But, it can also become dry from juicy quickly. If the meat isn’t cooking evenly at the same time, you can rest assured that the entire thing is ruined. So go with chicken thighs for better results.


Look for the darker and fattier cuts of the pork for getting the best kebabs. For pork, go with lean as they do well for kebabs. However, don’t overcook the pork as it will dry it quickly.

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