A Guide to Buying Sustainable Jewellery

Author : Allen John | Published On : 16 Sep 2021

The mining of jewellery's raw materials has always had an impact on the environment and surrounding communities. This has seen the inception of the fight against such practices that neither promote the local communities nor conserve the environment and wildlife. As a conscious jewellery enthusiast, though, you can do more in ensuring the promotion of sustainable jewellery. The guide below would help you find items that can help with that initiative.

How to Tell Sustainable Jewellery

You can tell whether jewellery items are from sustainable jewellery brands or not using a variety of identifications. Some of their popular qualities to consider include:

  1. They use recycled stones and metals

Precious metals and stones like silver and gold are easy to recycle. This means that they can be used over and again without them losing quality or texture. With sustainable jewellery using recycled materials, there will not be a need to exploit the environment when mining the precious materials.

  1. Transparent supply chain

Gold and silver markets are usually transparent and straight forward compared to diamonds and gems. Diamond and gems have to pass through a number of hands before they get to the end user's closet, which makes tracing their origin a bit hectic and almost impossible. If you are concerned about the origin of the items you are buying, though, you can trace the supply chain for transparency and avoid the ones with a shaky one.

  1. Low impact processing

The processing of sustainable jewellery pieces should be a low-impact one. While some of the processes require more energy, for example, mining, cutting, processing, and styling, some brands use less energy. The lower the energy consumed in the processes, the more the chances of conserving the environment.

  1. They are made to last

Obviously, anything that is sustainable should be able to last on the shelf or your closet for a long time. This means that you have to choose quality over the pricing and quantity if you are to enjoy long service. If need be here, ask a jewellery authenticator to help you check what you are buying.

  1. They are fair-trade certified

Different countries have varying laws on fair-trade jewellery. Depending on where you are buying them from, you should know of such regulations beforehand. The laws and regulations help buyers find certified products, thereby reducing the risks of buying non-authentic and copycats of original pieces.