A Guide On Selling Gold For Cash

Author : goldencash exchange | Published On : 06 Jul 2021

Selling gold for cash happens through a meticulously planned process. The first step requires you to collect all the gold you have in your possession and assemble it. Never think of your old gold as shabby and north worthy of being sold. Rather than handing it over to the janitor just because the sheen has come off its layer, sell it to a portal and make money.


Second, now that you have the gold with you find a portal you wish to trade the gold with for cash. A portal where you can Sell Gold for Cash will hand over a selling pack. Put your gold in that pack and ship it to the portal. The pack is sent back to you on the same day.


Selling gold for cash involves you getting a pack. Once it arrives, you need to sign the declaration of ownership. Fill out the entire list and detail all that you would like to sell. You can then put your gold into the pack and send it back to the portal.


The weight of your gold is measured in carats. The portal to which you get Cash For Gold Near Me throws a quote at you. Once the quote is made, the ball is entirely in your court. If you feel the amount offered to you is justified given all the gold you are disposing off, you can sign the agreement with the portal and seal of the deal.


In case you feel you are being handed a raw deal and would like try your luck elsewhere, you can opt for that as well. In that case, whatever belongings you shipped to the portal will duly be sent back to you.


While Selling Gold for Cash to a portal you are entitled to pay no hidden charges. It is the portal which takes care of postage, packaging and insurance on the gold you send in. In case you happen to incur any other costs, you can shoot a mail to the portal administrators claiming reimbursement on the same.


What does the portal do after receiving your gold?


While you have find the Top Gold Buyer Near Me, your gold gets weighed in. Then its purity gets checked. Finally, a price is put up on it. If you show compatibility with the price offered, the deal is sealed and finalized for good. In case you feel hesitant, you can always withdraw your deal and choose something else.


Money transfer also happens through a process. The portal which trades with you sends you the money you deserve to have via Cheque, BACS Transfer or Cash. The money reaches you within 24 hours of finalizing the deal and you can sit at home relaxed and satisfied that you got the best deal possible.