A Guide on How To Mate Cats

Author : Grey Cat | Published On : 11 Jan 2022

Cat breeding always needs to be done in the right way, and it’s not as easy as to just bring two cats together and hope for the results. Many things have to be kept in mind before planning on breeding, like being certain the cats are full-grown adults now, and there is no health condition that can be affected or may be passed down to the kittens.


If you keep in mind the minor details, it will increase the chances of your female cat getting pregnant, and expecting kittens will be salubrious.

Below is a short guide to give you an outlook on some of the basics of cat mating and breeding, along with some commonly asked questions on the subject.


Steps to follow before mating your cats

Here are all steps you should pursue before you mate your cats. Otherwise, you can face some serious consequences that you surely don’t want to experience. So, be patient and continue reading to find out all you need to know about mating cats.


  • Wait for both cats to be adults and grow completely

If you do not wait for both the cats to grow completely, then there’s a chance of hindrance in your female cat’s growth, and this will put a lot of burden on them at an early age. As for the male cat is concerned, they show genetic disorders too early, which can be later passed on to the kittens. Both male and female cats must be at least 18 months old before you plan on mating them.


  • Make a visit to the Vet

It’s recommended to make a visit to the Vet before planning the breeding of your cats. The Vet will perform a complete evaluation as to the health status of the cats. After the tests and evaluation, he/she will be able to tell you about any potential harms in mating or breeding.


  • Plan on the cats to mate when a female cat is in heat

It is widely known as Oestrus. Kittens can be heated as soon as they reach the age of 4 and a half months. This continues as long as the female doesn’t mate or is spayed. Unlike indoor cats, outdoor cats get heated in the month of summer and spring more and attract males more by showing affection for around 3 weeks. If the female is unable to mate for any reason, she will leave the heat soon; but reenter around 3 weeks later. As far as pet cats are considered, they can be made to mate yearlong as their body is affected differently due to artificial light.


  • Bring the female and male cat together

After understanding all the previous steps, get the female and male cat to be close to each other in a confined space. If the female is heated, she will allow the male to mate with her, and if not, it will be difficult. The male will eventually run away after the mating, and the female cat will go about thrashing in the room for some 10 minutes. In about half n hours’ time, the female cat will be ready to mate again.


  • Lookout for pregnancy signs in the female cat

The signs of pregnancy can show up in terms of physical appearances and changes in personality. The duration of gestation is between 60-70 days. The cat’s heat cycle will stop first, and then you’ll notice the cat’s nipple will start swelling and change color to pinker. The cat will be hungry more often, and there will be a visible weight gain of about one to two pounds. Some kind of nausea or morning sickness is possible too. If the vomiting becomes excessive, then you’ll have to get in touch with your Vet.


The belly enlargement will show after five weeks. As for the change in nature, your kitty will become more affectionate and loving. Felines, anyway, tend to sleep long hours; a pregnant kitty will sleep even more. You will often find your cat seeking out private spaces around the house for giving birth. If you can relate and think your cat’s pregnant, then get in touch with your Vet and make sure everything is going well.


  • Signs that your cat is going to deliver kittens soon

It’s time for the cat to give birth at the end of the gestation period. There are some common signs you need to look out for. Firstly, your kitty will look for private and quiet spaces around the house. The cat will become anxious and restless from 48 hours before the birth time. Some other signs are loss of appetite, and the cat vocalizing more than usual.


  • Prepare the cat to give birth at the right time

Some things that you need to pre-arrange for the cat are a nesting box, litter box, water, and food. Keep the pet carrier next to you at all times in case there is an emergency, and the cat needs to be taken to the Vet and has their contact on speed dial in your phone. Keep some clean towels and water handy in case needed; apart from that, your kitty will not need you at that moment and can manage pretty well on its own. Cats love their privacy at such times, and this should be respected.


Final Thoughts!

Before thinking of breeding cats and planning on their mating, it is suggested that you know the process completely and ensure everything goes on smoothly. Your Vet can guide you thoroughly about this, and you can prepare yourself beforehand. If you have a female cat, then you need to be extra careful about her wellbeing as male cats are not that tough to handle. Your kitty needs you but also needs its personal space, so do respect that as well.