A Beginner’s Buying Guide on Ace Shearing Combs

Author : Shear Quantity | Published On : 10 Jun 2021

A sheep shearing head has two components: cutter and comb. The cutter is the top part that rolls over the comb cutting up the wool. The wool fibre slices up the moment the comb glides across the sheep’s body. This makes the comb the bottom unit of a shearing head, and it plays the primary function of separating wool. Now, if you have little or no knowledge of the comb, you must know it comes in different sizes. This means, during the purchase, a few things must be in your consideration. When you are learning about the shearing process, these factors should not slip away from your mind.

So, the first thing to keep in mind is that the breed of sheep has a major influence in choosing the right comb. When buying Ace shearing combs, you should check whether the tools meet the criteria. Along with the best results, the right comb ensures the safety of the flock. As you can see, a vital part of your business depends on the choice of combs. Instead of breeding confusion, learn about how to buy a shearing comb.

Full Thickness Combs vs. Elite Combs

You can find combs either in full-thickness (FT) or Elite. The former is designed with thicker teeth and has better longevity than Elite combs. On the other hand, run-in Elite combs come with fine teeth offering much easier gliding.

Fine Combs

More-teeth combs are perfect for slick-shearing. Look for combs with at least 20 teeth. 24-teeth combs are also a great example. But you should remember to use it on clean and short wool. If there is a wool growth of at least 3 to 4 weeks and the sheep has been washed only a few days ago, the comb provides an optimum result.

Coarse Combs

Comes with fewer teeth, coarse combs are ideal for rough or quick shearing. If you shear your sheep only once a year, you can harvest its wool with this piece. Or for rough shearing prior to a fair, the comb is quite useful. The shearing gets coarse as the number of teeth decreases. So, expect a 13-tooth comb to glide through long wool without any hassle. Tip: This type works just fine on dirty wool when rough shearing is needed. However, small ridges will remain unattended.

Last-minute Takeaway

In the end, buying a shearing comb is not exactly a difficult task. While purchasing Ace shearing combs, you have to be careful about the bevels and blades. Only the right combination can ensure the right results at all times.

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