8 Recurrent Myths About Security Guards That Need to Be Debunked

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 22 Mar 2021

The roles and responsibilities of security guards are a lot different from the ones that are projected in the movies and TV series! The majority of people fall prey to such misconceptions assuming them to be the same in real life. Here are some myths about security guards that are quite recurrent in the present society:

  • All security guards carry guns:

The security guards have separate designations depending on which they are permitted to carry arms and ammunitions. It must be made very clear that the security guards who carry guns have undergone more rigorous training and have been certified to have the legal ability to carry guns to their workplace! 

  • Security guards are not learned individuals:

Another common misconception regarding security guards is that they are illiterate. People vaguely assume that those who cannot do anything that the job of a security guard! But this is not true as the reputed private security guard is the one who has received formal training to anticipate the problems by effective decision making!

  • Security guards require thorough monitoring:

It is wrong to project security guards as someone who sleeps away during the duty hours. One needs to debunk this myth as these guards are vigilant and shrewd in their abilities. They are capable planners and plan out security strategies to keep your premises and assets safe and sound!

  • Security guards are rude:

Another myth claims that the security guards are not good or well mannered with the public. But the actual and real side of the story is that the security guards in Sydney are honest and hired as per having a criminal free background. They are formally trained to interact positively with the customers, employees or any probable visitors.

  • Security guards are no better than ‘mall cops’:

These days’ people are so full of having a negative image of the security guards that they forget to see the bigger picture! Security guards are certainly not the lazy guards as projected in movies and entertainment series. The reality speaks in regards of security guards being trained to address security related threats and nuisances in the places they are recruited. They are self motivated and make room for 110% safety of their owners!

  • Security guards are just ‘time in’ and ‘time out’ professionals:

The reputed security guards in Sydney are punctual with their work timings and thus prove to be quite courteous in carrying out duties from attending guests to thorough patrolling of the premises. 

  • Security guards are ‘magic men’:

It is true that the security guards play a keynote role in warding off miscreants and potential threats to your security but they are not magicians! There might be certain instances when the security guards have to summon cops to take legal actions.

  • Security guards are expensive!

When you hire a private security services in Sydney then you are making a fruitful investment which pays off by keeping you safe no matter where you tread!

It is high time that you do away with the myths and consider hiring a security guard to give your security paramount importance!