7 Tips for Tenants for Easy Move-in to a New Rented Home

Author : SANGAU INDIA | Published On : 02 Nov 2023

Once you have found the dream house for rent in Bangalore, most people urge moving in as quickly as possible. However, moving into a rented home is not as easy as it may seem. It can be a tedious task if you do not adhere eye to the details. 


Does moving in seems too overwhelming?


You are not alone. 


The entire process can be a breeze if you proceed systematically. We have compiled a comprehensive move-in guide (with tips provided) for your help. 


Handy Tips to Plan Move-In to Your New Rented Home 


#1. Start Preparations a Month Before Move In   


There is plenty of work involved in the move-in process, including bulk packaging. With time in hand, you can proceed with peace of mind. It ensures you are not leaving out crucial matters. 


#2. Create A To-Do List 


This is not pen and paper work anymore. You can use an app like Google Keep for the purpose. If the to-do list is saved on your phone, it is easy to get going. Do check the tasks when completed. 


Herein is a to-do list of tasks for moving to a new rented house:


  • Hire a reliable moving company well in advance
  • Update your mailing address to continue uninterrupted communications. This may include informing friends and relatives who frequently come home. Notify the change of address with the bank, gas cylinder supplier, phone bills (if using a landline or postpaid connection), workplace, etc. 
  • Sorting the belongings before packing them for transport to the new house
  • Get sturdy packaging boxes (corrugated cardboard preferred) as per requirement based on the volume of stuff to be packed


#3. Start Packing Your Belongings


This is the most time-consuming task in the entire list, so keen attention is required. Start packing items gradually and attach labels. This ensures you find the required item quickly once they reach the new location. 


Pack fragile items in bubble wrap before boxing them. Put the fragile label on the box so the moving company can take proper care of these items. 


Discard the unnecessary items to avoid clutters at the newly rented apartment. This may reduce your transport costs.  


#4. Seek Professional Assistance 


At times, tenants run short of time when moving into a newly rented house due to unavoidable circumstances. Planning things in a hurry can be troublesome amid your busy schedule. 


Contact property management services Bangalore for help. A dedicated tenancy manager can arrange things to streamline your move-in quickly and efficiently. 


While professionals do the chores, you can get going with your commitments. 


#5. Check If the Rented House is Ready for New Tenants


Life happens. It is also vital to stay prepared for unexpected delays. Often you may have to wait before moving in. Some of the reasons for such incidents are:


  • The former renter has not vacated the property yet
  • Delay in ongoing maintenance work 
  • The landlord is yet to do the cleaning after the previous occupant left


Under such circumstances, you must stay in touch with the landlord and plan the shifting process accordingly. 


#6. Monitor Security Systems in the New House


Often rental properties are not equipped with enhanced security locks, latches, etc. Check all doors and windows to know whether the locking systems are accurately functional. Contact the homeowner/landlord for the necessary arrangements for the installation/repair work (if required).  


#7. Get the Bare Essentials at the New Location


Your tasks do not end immediately after relocating to the new rented house. Once you have entered the new flat/apartment with all your belongings, herein are some vital aspects to focus on:


  • Get extra keys for other members of the family
  • Find out the nearest grocery supplies, market, medicine stores, etc.
  • Get the stock of essential supplies that may be necessary food, toiletry, and other items


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