7 Things To Do While Planning A Caravan Camping

Author : Rebecca Siggers | Published On : 27 Apr 2021

Caravan vacations are meant to be fun and exciting for people who participate in them. Whether you are going with a partner, family, or friends, the important thing is to ensure you are having fun. However, for this to happen, prior preparation is essential. You cannot wake up and decide to book a caravan and move. Proper planning when embarking on a caravanning adventure is crucial. After all, you may be headed to unfamiliar destinations, and a slight oversight on your end could make you stranded for the longest time. Make sure to figure things out before you leave. Have a checklist that you check against to verify that everything is in order before leaving. Simple suggestions like those mentioned below will come in handy.


Decide on the People Coming for the Trip

Even before you scout for the different static caravans for sale, you need to know how many people will be coming on the trip. This is an underlying guide for every other preparation you make. You can only buy a caravan once you know the appropriate size that suits everyone that you bring along. Do not buy a huge caravan when you have two people on the trip, or opt for a smaller one when many people want to come. Discuss and get assurance from everyone interested.  


A commitment fee should help you gauge your friend’s seriousness if you do it as a group of friends. In case this is a family affair, then make sure to cater to every member coming, including the kids. Once convinced of the actual number of people coming, visit the nearest caravan sellers for a bargain. Negotiate from the point of knowledge to avoid compromising on the quality and size of the caravan you need.

Have a Checklist


Have a shopping list when getting groceries and other essentials. By this time, you probably know how long the trip will last and the possible quantities of food and supplies to fit everyone. It is always good to put a bit of extra just if something happens and you are unable to get to the nearest spot in good order to replenish. 


Create a checklist that works for you depending on what you need. It should include torches, matchsticks, pocket knives, foods, water, storage facilities, AC, fishing gear, and all other items that you depend on the activities ahead.

Get the Right Camping Gears and Equipment

Note that there are different types of camping even when caravanning. Once you decide which one you will be doing, then focus on getting the right items. Carry tents, sleeping bags, appropriate outfits, and shoes, as well as cooking appliances and equipment. Whatever you include in this category depends on individuals.  Know what each person needs and carry the shared items. Everyone should pack their personal belongings, considering the weather as a guide on what wear to bring.

Don’t Forget the Tools


Anything can happen when caravanning. Prepare early and confirm that every relevant tool is available in case of a breakdown or encounter a situation that requires these tools. It is safer to own a toolbox with all the essential tools at a reachable distance. You also need to confirm that all spares are in check. Batteries, chargers, memory cards, and fuses are some of the spare parts you need to include. Most people only think of extra tires. Have everything covered when focusing on possible spare parts.

Come up with an Activity List

Not all people can create a spontaneous list of activities out of their heads. If you are bringing kids, you better have a list of games and activities to keep them engaged since they quickly get bored and irritable. Remember that this is meant to be fun and exciting for them and not seem like a punishment they have to sit through. This is where your creative spirit comes in. Have many icebreaker ideas for both adults and kids, depending on the people you are traveling with. The bottom line is to have something fun and exciting to do when people are not sleepy or exhausted.

Plan for Duties


Note that caravanning is not a typical vacation where one goes to a resort or fancy hotel, and everything is done for them. When on a caravanning trip, expect to have chores. As such, planning duties and assigning roles is vital to avoid people looking at each other or overworking the industrious ones. A shred duty list is preferred. Let people coo in turns, clean in turns, and even organize when it gets too messy. Everyone should have an active role, including the kids, except for the very young ones.  This inclusiveness helps them bond and understand each otherDecide Where to Go

Depending on whom you are with, knowing or not knowing where to go could apply when caravanning. In cases where kids are present, it helps to have a structured and clear path to follow. However, when adults want to get messy and have fun, then spontaneity is encouraged. Just make sure to stick to areas where caravanning is a thing.