6 Emerging Trends in Mobile Marketing You Should Be Aware of

Author : Nilesh Parashar | Published On : 21 Jan 2022

A captive audience was previously the norm for advertisers. Google analytics were unavailable for measuring success, but customers also couldn't skip, pause, or block ads. It is becoming harder to catch the attention of the customer in 2019. The market is flooded with ads.  Innovative marketing trends make this easier than ever before, but there are right and wrong ways to make them work. The best type of marketing melds seamlessly with customers' existing identity, browsing habits, and interests. Companies seeking success have the best chances of setting themselves up for success if their marketers analyze trends and prepare for the future. Choose the best diploma in digital marketing to learn more about this.


Advertising on the Google Assistant

In 2018, Google mobile searches accounted for 20% of all searches, and by 2020, they are expected to reach 50%. This puts companies at an even greater competitive advantage. The first page of search results is at least for text-based searches, whereas only one result is usually given for voice searches. As brands start producing their own branded audio content upgrade to integrate with these assistants, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are soon offering brands the option to buy audio-based advertising space. As Domino's has already demonstrated, this is one of the most important digital trends to think about for your business. Start planning for it now to ensure your business remains competitive.


View Live Video Streams

The trend of live video was made possible by social media platforms. Live streaming allows you to upload videos and pictures instead of posting them on social media. The following are some predictions for how live video will change across marketing over the next two years: In 2019, you need to make live video a priority if you don't use it to interact with your customers in 2017. Consumers generally prefer to watch a brand awareness live video over reading a blog post, according to research. Watching a live stream of an event like a concert makes people more likely to purchase a ticket for the event.


Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence gives you a detailed understanding of your target audience by analyzing customer behaviors, search activity and interactions (likes, views, shares, etc.). Moreover, AI offers tremendous opportunities for automation that can save you time as well as - when implemented correctly - deliver personalized customer service. You can use AI effectively in the following ways:

Using a propensity model, you can predict the future behavior of an individual based on their past behavior

·  Statistical data are combined with customer data to predict outcomes in predictive analysis

·  A method of retargeting customers who leave your checkout page by running social media ads

Achieving maximum reach by using micro-influencers

Brand ambassadors and social influencers are terms that you are likely familiar with. The social media platforms are used by people who get paid to promote products and have relationships with companies. Marketing this way is legitimate. As a social influencer, one needs at least 1 million followers to be considered a celebrity. Macro influencers and middle influencers fall into the 500k–1 million follower category. To gain a better understanding enroll in the pg in digital marketing course.

Individualization for consumers

Customer service needs to be personalized for each customer. Engaging customers and increasing sales is a great way to do so. Customer satisfaction is what you need. More than seventy percent of consumers say that they prefer retailers that incorporate personalization into their shopping experiences. On your website or mobile application, encourage people to create customer profiles. By monitoring their browsing patterns and previous purchases, you can target them with special offers.


Apps that Connect You with Customers

You can now market directly to customers by using social messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik, etc.). Facebook has an automated messaging system that you can use to reach customers who have liked, shared, or interacted with your content. Even so, inbound marketing always works better than outbound digital marketing in 2019. Customers who shop with smart brands come to them.



The key to success in marketing is staying on top of the latest trends. A marketer who predicts consumer behavior looks to the future. By identifying trends and making relevant changes to your marketing plan, you will be competitively advantaged. Check out the advanced digital marketing course if you want to learn more about this course.