5 Reasons To Use Animated Explainer Videos To Pitch Your Services

Author : blue ribbon technologies | Published On : 25 Aug 2021

With the ever-evolving market trends, businesses are in constant search of tools and mediums that can improve their campaigns and attract higher ROI. As the popularity of video is surging, the importance of fine-tuning your business content in accordance with the needs of your audience is increasing too. Nevertheless, user engagement with video material is much higher as compared to other forms of content. Thanks to faster internet and mobile devices, videos have become more accessible than before and they are also easier to produce than they were in the past. When it comes to showcasing your business offerings, animated explainer videos have grown into one of the most sought-after trends in terms of giving new users a run-down of what your products & key services are. It enables brands to form an intuitive medium of interaction with their audience. A great animated video has the power to drive your consumers’ interest and stay in their memory for a long time. Interactive visuals are especially valuable for businesses seeking to convey their brand message and pitch their products and services. In this article, let’s discuss the core reasons why animated explainer videos are considered as one of the most effective marketing tools by most digital marketing agencies. Subsequently, if you find it suitable for your company, you can start pitching your services through such videos.  

Top 5 Reasons For Creating Animated Explainer Videos 


One of the biggest advantages of animated explainer videos is that they are concise. Video content creators can help you convey your brand’s vision, display products, and illustrate the product features in a very crisp and engaging way. As viewers have a very short attention span, these videos can be highly effective in attracting and enticing them to convert. Apart from being a visual delight, explainer videos enable you to provide value to your customers and deliver critical information about your products/services. You can use them to announce your new launches, discount offers, etc and gain customer loyalty in the long run.

Showcases Brand Personality

Most companies prefer to invest in producing branded content as it displays their company’s unique style, values, and more. Animated explainer videos enable you to prepare such branded videos and reinforce your brand voice in an intuitive and informative way. You can use your brand colors in the visuals and leverage the company’s motos in the script to emphasize your brand identity in the videos. It will help you spread awareness about your brand, products, and services effectively. 

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Creating animated videos might seem like an extremely expensive affair. However, in reality, it’s quite affordable, thanks to the latest developments in technology and video production! Once you invest in animated explainer videos, it goes a long way as these videos are more entertaining and stay in your audience’s memory for quite a long span of time. Thus, it helps in boosting customer engagements, product sales, and ROI.

Fulfill Various Marketing Goals

Videos are a great way to deliver versatile types of content. From animated commercials to video ads, social media content to insightful videos on your website, explainer videos let you create engaging sales pitches. You can use 2D/3D animated videos at various stages of your marketing journey like spreading awareness, pitching sale offers, retargeting consumers, and so on. It will dramatically increase your audience engagement, evoke interest in your brand, and help you build a loyal customer base.

Highlights a Problem & Offers Solution

Videos are developed linearly with time. This allows you to create a chain of causality from problem to solution. Analyze and display the core issues that your potential consumers face in your videos and show how your products and services can solve their problems. You can use it in a very creative way to display the features and functions of your products. As animated explainer videos interact with visuals and audio, it makes a very engaging form of pitching your products and spreading the word about your brand. Thus, it enables you to boost your rate of conversion naturally.


Compared to other types of content, animated explainer videos give you a better chance to portray your brand’s vision and story in an entertaining way. The aforementioned aspects clearly illustrate why explainer videos are increasingly gaining popularity amongst business owners and marketers. In short, they are:

  • Crisp and concise
  • An engaging medium to showcase your brand’s true personality
  • A cost-effective approach to pitch your products and services
  • Capable of fulfilling various marketing objectives
  • A creative way of highlighting pain points and offering solutions

Videos can help you set a more personal connection with your audience and form the base to establish long-term relationships with your consumers. Thus, it is highly advisable to start implementing video marketing and 3D animation videos in your sales and marketing strategies, in particular, if you haven’t already done so. You can begin by analyzing your competitors’ explainer videos and if needed, opt for professional help. If you find value in this blog and are looking for further guidance pertaining to animated video production services, drop us a line at connect@blueribbontechnology.com. Our team of experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


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