5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Greece

Author : Arghish Das | Published On : 24 Sep 2021

Greece the 'land of gods' have enough attraction to decide to study in Greece. Apart from the academic field, it has little things to offer with a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the surroundings with friends. By studying in Greece you will be even accustomed to such type of attitude to be happy and relaxed for ups and downs in life. Studying Greece is not only about the study; rather gain new experiences with new friends to explore every opportunity. If you look for Athens as the major student city in Greece you can visit and enjoy outstanding attractions in every corner of the country; you cannot even miss the cultural side which can surprise you at every moment.

Best university

  • Greece has 24 universities among which 16 technical universities are public. If you are dreaming to study in Greece, you will surely have the urge to know the best institutions to provide quality education. According to The Times, Higher Education World Ranking top Greek universities are
  • Athens University of economics and business
  • University of Aristotle
  • University of Thessaloniki
  • University of Loannia and
  • The University of Patras.

Free education and an affordable lifestyle

Studying abroad first confronts the stress of affordability. For Greece, public universities are free for EU/EEA students except for some of the master's programs. Other international students however need to pay tuition fees of 1500 to 9000 euros per year including a textbook for the course. Novels, anthologies, and other types of books often are given to the students for their use. The University of Thessaloniki even provides hot meals twice a day with free access to the gym for college students. Greece is one of the most affordable countries in Europe for foreigners including international students and tourists. 450 - 700 Euro per month can be the average expenditure for you which include accommodation confirming it as very reasonable making a comparison with other European destinations like Italy, Germany, Spain, etc as those cities are having the living cost of 800 - 1000 euro. The rent of an apartment in the City center is just 240 - 450 Euro per month which is surrounded by street food of 5 euro. Study portal scholarship further can help you to have the financial support to study in Greece.


Greece is not only famous for its historical and cultural sites rather its preserved tradition which further is enhanced through education. It is very common for most Greek universities to provide English-taught study degrees in all fields. Studying philosophy here can be the best option as it is the home of great philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. It is not even backward in architecture as it takes inspiration from the masterpieces like Achilleion Palace, Olympia, or Acropolis. It is the birthplace of democracy; hence studying history or politics in Greece can be the best option for you. Hippocrates, the person who theorized ethics in medicine and methods in treatment, biology, and diagnosis of today, is a person of Greece. Hence you can even opt for studying medicine in this. Most symbols of physics and math equations come from the Greek alphabet and the first known mathematical formula even is discovered by Pythagoras. So you cannot miss a chance to study science in Greece.

Food and beverage satisfy the taste buds

Living in a foreign country immediately confirms copying attitude to its culture food, habit, etc. Research has confirmed that due to unfamiliar surroundings for changes in food habits many international students suffer from serious depression. With all such factors if you are still on for studying in Greece then you are on the safer side as the local flavors of Greece are satisfying enough for your taste buds. Gyros Tsatsiki, olives, feta, are some of the famous Greek specialties where tsipouro, ouzo, retsina, and Metaxa even are important to name. Greeks even have a longer lifespan which is due to their diet so it is worth trying for you to be habituated with the diet not only by compromising rather by the attraction of delicacy and healthy at the same time.

Loyalty and hospitality

Safety and security are first and foremost concerns for every sector be it professional or academic area. Studying abroad often gets followed by safety and security issues due to cultural diversity, gender, and sex discrimination, etc. In Greece, however, you would not be confronted with such issues as loyalty and warm welcoming are internationally recognized. For example, if you become frequent for any of the restaurants you become a friend rather than a customer only and probably can get a discount due to the relationship you have with them. You cannot have rude waiters or households as by Nature they are very loyal and people of hospitality. They even offer free gifts to their regular customers which can be a free dessert or free shots. If you have minimum adaptation in your nature the enduring nature of the people, as well as the environment, will offer a great experience throughout apart from academic excellence. Just like the people of it, nature even is warm to its people due to its geographical location. You will not be drained with rain specifically in Southern territories neither you can have issues in winter as the weather is as warm as the people of it. Nature itself will offer you enough scopes to be involved in cultural and social activities without hampering your study.

Moreover living and studying in Greece, knowing the people is itself an amazing experience to cherish each moment of it. Hence without wasting time just dive for excellence from academy, cultural, historical, and social perspectives.