5 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Home

Author : ankit khanna | Published On : 24 Aug 2021

5 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Home

A home is the largest investment you would have made in your lifetime and therefore you should spend a lot of time and energy before buying or selling your house. Your every step should be an outcome of intensive research and discussion. 

Selling a house in other words can be termed as a big undertaken task. And if your expectations are high, that is you want more profit through an easy process, then being prepared is the key. Also, it’s always a good idea to do a little more detective work and get answers to a few investigative questions. 

So are you thinking of listing your home for sale?

Then consider the following five imperative questions before listing your house for sale:

1. What is the total worth of the home? 

We should not always rely on the internet and believe everything we read. Hence the automated estimates that we get from the internet may come somewhere close to your home value but in most cases, they are far away. Figuring out the actual worth of your home includes many critical factors such as size, condition, area, similar recently sold properties, and even upgrades you have done in your home. 

While all these above factors cannot be estimated through online automated algorithms hence our only savior is real estate consultants. They are only the ones who through their expertise can perfectly make a quotation for your home in relevance to specific features in today’s market. These real estate consultants can figure out the total real value for the property while can also suggest methods to further value up the existing worth. 

2. How to sell your home for the highest possible price?

Your neighbor sold his home worth the same as your home for much more money? What things have made his home sell at such a special price?

Are you bursting with such questions?

Worry not you just require a real estate consultant!

Real estate agents not only price your home perfectly but also do every possible research to increase the price worth of it. They get into every detail of your home to make it more valuable. They will notify you about the condition, upgrades, bonuses, and everything else that would add up to the ‘selling point’ of your home. 

Another important factor that adds up value to your home is its photographs. Hence if you have decided to list your home among other homes for sale then make sure you collaborate with the top real estate agent in Fresno, CA who can offer to have your home staged and uses a professional photograph. Your shining home in the photographs can get more showing and higher prices.

3. How much time is required to sell the home?

The selling span of your home entirely depends upon the current market. In areas like Fresno, the average selling span of the house is approximately 40 days. And in that, some homes may get sold real fast while others take time. Other factors where the selling span may depend are pricing, availability of homes, marketing of your home, and also the buyer's demand. If we discuss what to focus on to decrease the selling span of your home; it would be none other than great marketing and correct price. 

There are certain cases where you need more time to move out but want your home to be on the market. In that case, you can extend an escrow period or maintain occupancy after a sale. Through all these processes and procedures you need top real estate agents in Fresno, CA

4. When is the best time to sell your home?

There are no two ways to say that you can sell your home at any time of the year. But still, if you want to enjoy selling your home with ease making it more profitable and also in less selling span then there are some specific months where you can enjoy such perks. 

Generally, spring and the summer months are usually the most profit-making months. Being the hottest home-buying months, they maximize the money you make on your home according to the latest study ATTOM Data. To compare, we can say that in June we make about 9.2% more than average while in May month we can make 7.4% more profit than average. These rates start decreasing further when you approach the fall or winter season. 

According to recent research in Redfin, it has also been found that Thursdays sell homes for more money than any other day of the week. 

5. Should I repair it before selling the house?

In some cases, the buyer demands a move in property, a property where much repair and renovation is not required and hence the buyer can directly move in the property. The case is generally common in younger buyers whose percentage is almost 76%.

Therefore it’s always a better idea to consider making every repair and renovation required in the home. Undergoing every cosmetic repair before listing your home makes the home more marketable while also increasing the overall value price. 

Another advisable note is that in case your home requires a big repair to be done like a damaged roof or broken AC unit. Then make sure to do all such renovation before listing, after which foot the bill yourself, and then further adjust your price accordingly. As in most cases, buyers never spend their money or pay top dollar if they know there are big expensive projects waiting for them further.