5 New Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Dream Home in 2022

Author : Jimmy Kainth | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

The humble kitchen is redefining itself for 2022, as today's breath-taking new kitchen designs have evolved into much more than just a social gathering or eating space. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, which forced almost everyone to spend unprecedented amounts of time at home, now every square inch of the kitchen needs to serve a function as our residential spaces need to do more now more than ever before.

Contemporary kitchens are now offices, classrooms, playrooms, social gathering areas, dining areas and much more, which is why new kitchen designs heavily focus on making life simpler by creating an attractive statement area that's also highly functional.

The best new modern kitchen designs for 2022 blend purpose with personality, encouraging a new demand for carefully curated kitchens that are 100% original and represent particular characters and lifestyles.

This year's new kitchen design trends feature a variety of out-of-the-box concepts for layouts, materials, finishes, styles, and general practicality. Designer elements such as integrated media systems, walk-in butler pantries, concealed storage, additional power outlets, and open shelves are gaining popularity.

For all the contemporary kitchen inspiration you need for designing your dream new kitchen for 2022, the process begins here...

1. Butler Pantries for Hiding Cooking Messes

The butler pantry, also known as larder storage or a separate walk-in storage room, is essentially a kitchen within a kitchen and a must-have feature in every new kitchen design for 2022.

A butler's pantry is the ideal spot to hide messy cooking clutter, aiming to keep your kitchen looking beautiful and tidy.

All the culinary chaos and equipment, such as the big roasting trays, can be let to soak in the sink without being an eyesore while your guests enjoy good conversation, wine, and food.

A butler pantry doesn't have to be a large walk-in room - but smaller alternatives, typically called in-built larder storage, come in various forms, including drawers, in-built lighting, door storage, and several pull-out possibilities.

The separate space for clutter allows the working aspects of the kitchen to be hidden from the living and eating spaces. The desire for discreet storage extends to kitchen appliances, too, as modern homeowners scrutinise their appliances' appearance on display.

While there will be plenty of technology and new devices in our 2022 kitchens, we don't necessarily want to see them. As a result, concealing options that offer a streamlined finish without compromising aesthetics are an essential consideration.

2. Open Shelving for Displaying Decor

While all the culinary messes will be hidden away in the butler pantry, expensive kitchen decor and dishware will be displayed aesthetically on open shelves. Opening shelving will be a popular choice in 2022 as they bring interest to the kitchen while also generating the illusion of open space.

The kitchen "shelfie" is gaining centre stage already as Pinterest searches for 'kitchen floating shelves decor' has increased by 130%. Kitchen shelves decorated with eye-catching accessories, colourful glassware, and handmade clay dishes are expected to become the new accessorising favourites.

More and more people are purchasing expensive artistic cookware, utilising open kitchen shelves as another opportunity to demonstrate their design expertise. The season's must-haves for attaining this sophisticated shelf-expression trend are brass-handled cast-iron casserole plates and opulent gold cutlery.

For the best of both worlds, contemporary kitchens can have portions with both closed and open shelving. Open shelves can hold ornamental pieces to be tastefully exhibited or store often used appliances for easy access. Combined with closed storage such as a full-height pantry with closed shelving, to achieve the perfect balance between a functional and attractive finish.

3. Two-Tone Colour Palettes

As we approach 2022, forget matchy-matchy colour palettes, as 2022 new kitchen designs are becoming more colourful and mixed. Two-toned colour palettes are a terrific way to add an unusual twist to your kitchen style, and it may completely transform the atmosphere of a room.

To give depth and character to your contemporary kitchen, choose deep, dark components and contrast them with lighter hues elsewhere. This trend goes beyond simply using a contrasting paint colour on the walls, as it allows you to experiment with various design aspects and rich textures like wood grains, matte finishes, or sleek laminate.

You may choose contrasting wall and floor-mounted cabinets; deep, black units contrasted with brighter colours elsewhere; an eye-catching island, or it could be as easy as combining a deeper shade of grey with a softer grey.

Working with a contrasting scheme may help you to break up the colour and provide a genuine bit of originality to your kitchen design if done right.

4. Contemporary Kitchen Islands

At the start of 2020, the conventional kitchen island was gradually evolving into a dining island, allowing the family to cook, dine, and spend time together in the same room.

But the desire for a kitchen island is predicted to return in 2022 as we use our kitchens for more than just cooking. They can be used as impromptu dining tables, bars, home offices, or food prep areas, and sometimes all these activities can happen simultaneously.

According to a recent survey, a kitchen island is preferred by over 85% of customers polled. Open plan kitchen layouts with islands in the centre of the room and comfortable seating spaced out to make this space ideal for entertaining and everything beyond.

5. Focus on Hygiene

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for cleanliness in households, and the kitchen is no exception.

Unsurprisingly, materials that prioritise cleanliness in the home are more sought-after than ever, and kitchen surface makers are now combining hygiene-focused technologies into worktops to give a safer kitchen environment from which to cook, dine, work, and entertain.


Another popular trend is handle less kitchens because they have smooth, streamlined surfaces that are easy to maintain and help to reduce contact points. In addition, matt lacquer techniques have anti-fingerprint qualities, which aid in easy cleaning.

These practical advancements do not have to come at the sacrifice of aesthetics. Even antibacterial benchtops that flawlessly imitate the appearance and feel of natural stone, wood, or marble are inexpensive and accessible.

Get Started with Your Contemporary Kitchen Renovation Today!

Your kitchen's general design and layout have an enormous impact on your home's functioning and organisation. With a properly planned kitchen, you can guarantee that every culinary utensil, equipment, and ingredient is within arm's reach, reducing preparation time.

Plus, having a kitchen style that appeals to your personal aesthetics and preferences might also motivate you to cook more!

Renovating your kitchen may increase the utility of your room while also increasing the value of your home. To adopt a more contemporary kitchen design, keep the ideas stated above in mind and apply them so you can simply modernise your kitchen and enjoy having your preferred style.

Beginning your new kitchen design process by producing a list of your top 3-5 must-haves is the most efficient place to start when planning your next contemporary kitchen renovation. We hope these five new kitchen design ideas inspire your 2022 contemporary kitchen renovation, helping you create your perfect new kitchen designs combining the best of utility and beauty.

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