5 Key Differences Between Modern and Vintage Home Decor.

Author : Sundial Home | Published On : 22 Oct 2021

There are a lot of furnishing options for you these days but for avoiding a mismatched design that lacks togetherness, you have to choose a style that best suits you. Before applying any of the designs, you have to undergo deep research for finalizing your required results regarding your interior decor. Whether you are planning a modern or vintage home decorit is advised from interior specialists to first gain knowledge about both of the designs or you will end up destroying your entire decor. You can also mix and match both designs if you have a strong grip in interior designing, else get assistance from any competent interior designer. For easy comprehension, we’ve characterized the 5 key features of both vintage and modern home decor. Lets’s have a look at them and decide which home decor is best according to your vision. 

Flooring Patterns.

If we talk about vintage home decor, we might notice that back then homes have larger footprints as compared to modern-style homes. Spaces were divided into several compact rooms; making them accessible for a single purpose only. While the case is different in modern floorings, upgrading it to the functional design; is optimized to get more out of the space. Less multi-purpose rooms are built for more open spaces. Now you have a clear understanding of how flooring patterns made a huge impression on your interior design. 

Vintage Home Decor.


Vintage home decor has recently gained enormous popularity. You are expected to probe mix & match themes, vibrant and colorful wallpapers, and antique pieces of furniture in vintage designs. This old-styled furniture is bewitching to eyes and designers mold the spaces around them. Although vintage furniture is jazzy, it weighs much heavier in weight. On the other hand, contemporary furniture pieces are chic and sprucely space out in design. They are easy to maintain because they get dirty rarely and are quite durable too. Modern furniture is functional and available in different hues of colors. Mostly leather, steel, and are chrome are used as the materials in modern furniture; making them reliable in long run. 


Classic single-style windows are the perfect match for vintage home decor. A single design of windows adds a character and personality to the older homes’ designs. They have the surface appearance of glass and wood construction. These designs are wide and cover more space, as a result; rooms would heat up in the summer. The homeowners have to install multiple air conditioners for tackling to the temperature issues. On the contrary, modern designs have minimal farmers with a higher glass to frame ratio; making them more accessible for light and less transfer of heat in the rooms. Rather than operating it manually, modern windows have an internal spring placed so you can open or close it with just a tap; making them simpler to use. 


We might not realize it but lighting is a significant aspect of any home decor. The difference between vintage and modern designs is very obvious. Modern lighting pattern is defined by simple curves and clean horizontal lines. Conversely, vintage lighting designs emphasize elaborate shapes and construction of your living space. Vintage lighting designs are fancy and particularly complex, whereas contemporary lighting patterns can be anything but are not fancy. 


Vintage home decor will cost you a lot of bucks in decorating your house because most of the vintage home decor accessories are single-purpose only. You have to buy several products for several functions. An old chair will only serve the purpose of seating but a contemporary round corner table will serve both the purposes; seating and corner table. Modern home decor accessories are multi-functional making them easy on the budget and consume less space. So now the choice is yours, whether you want to decorate your house with contemporary pieces that are easy to purchase, or vintage accessories that require more space and cash. 

Well, there are a lot more differences in modern and vintage home decors, but these 5 differences impose a huge impression on your living space. You have to be choosy while selecting the accessories for the increased aesthetics of your residence. You can also mix and match your interior decor but only with the proper assistance from expert interior designers. Sundial Home is a leading online store for providing the best home decor accessories for modern as well as vintage designs. Explore our extensive range of home improvement items here at our official page of Sundial Home. Give us a call on +1(888)969-0452 to get in contact with one of our professional interior designers.