5 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Is Into Art

Author : Henry Jacob | Published On : 20 Jul 2021

Are you having a hard time deciding what to gift to a family member or close friend who loves art? What are some good gift options for an art enthusiast?

Many people find gift-giving hard and complicated. Even though they are close to the person that they are going to give a gift to, they worry about getting them something that they would not like.

If you can relate to this and need help picking a gift for someone who is into art, we have a few gift ideas for you.

1. Art supplies

If you are shopping for someone who has an artistic and creative mind, you might want to give them something they can make good use of. If they like to draw and paint, you can shop for some art supplies such as paint, brushes, sketchbooks or pencils. If they enjoy photography, you could get them a tripod, memory cards, a hard drive, camera bag, or lights.

2. Art store gift cards

If you are unsure about what art supplies or equipment to buy, you could always get them an art store gift cards. With a gift card, you are giving them the flexibility and freedom to choose what they want. You can get these at your local art supplies stores or online art shops in any amount you wish.

3. Storage

Artists tend to own a lot of stuff, and they might be in need of some storage. If you have been to your friend’s studio and have seen how their art supplies and equipment are scattered just about everywhere, get them some good storage options to keep their place more organized. Some examples to consider are storage boxes, baskets, racks, shelves, drawers, and cabinets. By having these storage solutions, they can have a clutter-free space to help their creative juices flow more easily.

4. Art pieces

A lot of people buy art pieces to add to their art collection or to decorate their homes. You can get your loved some nice, interesting artworks, such as retro canvas art or nature canvas paintings. They can put these retro canvas paintings and nature canvas art in their living room, bedroom, or home office to add personality and life to their homes. They can also use these to decorate their own art studio and get some inspiration.

5. Art museum pass

Going to art museums is an activity that art fanatics tend to enjoy. It gives them many opportunities to see the works of renowned artists up close and personal. For someone who loves art, you can get a year-long membership so they can go as many times as they want, or you might want to get them a pass or ticket to a special art exhibition at a local museum. Look at the events calendars for museums in your area regularly to find updates about special events or exhibitions they would love.