5 different types of cruise ship cabins to choose from

Author : Cruise Booking | Published On : 24 Apr 2021

There are different types of cruise ship cabins that you can choose from while booking your cruise cabin. Those who think that only hotel rooms have different types are in for a surprise since an adventure cruise liner has as many variations, if not more!

Now choosing a cruise cabin could be fun, but also quite challenging. If you do not know what you are looking at or are not sure of what you would want to go for, this could baffle you. But do not worry; we have listed 5 things that you need to be considering while booking your cruise ship cabin. Read on:

1. Solo cabins

These types of cabins are not many in numbers as they are only meant for solo travellers. Most cruises have 100-square foot cabins which include a full-size bed and a round window looking out into the corridor. This is a great alternative for you to go with if you are on a tight budget.

2. Premium suites

These types of cabins are mostly the first ones to get sold out. While they are few in numbers, they are one of the best in terms of value. Before booking one of the premium cruise suites, you should always take into consideration the space you need, the amenities you would like, and your budget. A suite will mostly have a mini bar, deluxe bathroom, hot tub, and even exclusive access to the deck area.

3. Cabins with concierge service

For those unaware of what a concierge is, they are tasked with tending to matters of booking your dinner reservations, spa sessions, shore excursions, and making any requests to the front desk. Cabins with concierge service come with in-cabin amenities such as fruit baskets, welcome drinks, and even an exclusive concierge lounge.

4. Spa cabins

Those living in spa cabins are given free access to spa pools, steam room areas, spa treatments, as well as fitness areas. A lot of people think that spa cabins are more like suites. However, this is not necessarily true; you could get many inside cabins that are designated as spa cabins.

5. Aft-balconied cabins

Those who are unfamiliar with aft-balconied cabins, these are the most valued standard balconied cabins on cruise trips. This is because of the fact that these cabins offer travellers a 180-degree view over the stern’s wake. The balconies in these cabins are almost 50% bigger than the standard ones on the sides of the cabins.

6. Interior-facing cabins

Not every windowed cabin will necessarily have a view of the sea. There are certain cabins that will have windows with a view of the interior spaces of the cruise. These are known as interior-facing cabins. These are certain cruises that offer a virtual view in such cabins, playing real-time images of the sea on the screens in these rooms.

We hope that this article has helped you learn about the various cruise ship cabins of an adventure cruise ship.

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