5 Best Ways to Maintain Your Luxury Watch

Author : Willie Shiffer | Published On : 04 May 2021

A luxury watch is an excellent investment that holds its value incredibly well even after several years. They are designed to last a lifetime. However, if you take care of your luxury watch correctly, it can last multiple generations. Do you want to pass on your luxury watch as a legacy piece to your children? Here are the tips that you should follow to take care of your luxury watch.

Aesthetic Maintenance

Keep your watch clean and scratch-free to maintain the aesthetic appeal. Don't drop your watch, as it can damage the dial and outer frame. When you are not wearing it, store it safely, preferably in a watch box. If you have a leather strap, try to avoid contacting the strap with water, cosmetic products, and perfumes. Some luxury watches also may have jewels with oil inside. If you watch include this feature, avoid exposure to high temperatures or prolonged sunlight as it can dry out the oil.

Movement Maintenance

Most luxury watches are either automatic or manual wind-up watches. In self-winding watches, the movement is done automatically. Manual wind-up wristwatches need to be wound once a day or once every seven days, depending on the watch's quality and specifications. Don't place your mechanical watch near a television, radio, mobile phone, and speakers. These electronic devices create magnetic fields, which may sabotage the movements of the watch. You should also get full-service done on the timepiece once every three years to check its movements and other parts.

Water-Resistance Maintenance

Although most luxury watches,like Tufina watches , have water-resistance, they tend to lose their waterproof features over time. High-end luxury divers come with the maximum water-resistance of 20 bar, i.e., waterproofing up to 200 meters. If your luxury watch has a low water-resistance ability, avoid plunging it in water. Getting regular maintenance done can also ensure the rubber and other protective gears are intact.

Protect the Crown

The crown is a delicate part of the watch that sits outside the dial. It's also the most important part to adjust the time, set the date, and wind the watch. Take extra care while placing the wristwatch down. Also, make sure the crown is not under pressure when laying it down.

Don't Open a Watch By Yourself

A luxury watch, like a Tufina watch, contains small, delicate parts. Only an expert has the tools and knowledge to take a timepiece apart for cleaning and repair. Don't try to open a watch by yourself, as you can do additional damage.

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