5 Best Meal Planning Ideas For Your Weight Loss

Author : Patrick Adams | Published On : 14 Jan 2022

Meat is a very nutritious food and can be healthy if you eat it in moderate quantities. Fresh and quality meat is a source of protein, very important for people who do sports and want to build up their muscles. If you are not into sports and just want to be leaner, you still can have a lot of benefits from good meat since it can make you feel full for a longer time and you can avoid eating between meals. 

Meal preparation is something that puts people off because it can take a little bit longer. This is why planning your meals is a good idea. Let's see how you can do that.

Adapt your meal plan to your routine

You won't have time to cook every day, so you might want to do something ahead, like marinating the meat one day before cooking it. This way you get to do everything on time and prepare a delicious meal. There are other options, like batch-cooking for the entire week ahead. If you have time during weekends, you can prepare almost everything for the week to come and only change the salad and sauces to accompany the main dish. It is a good way to maintain a healthy diet daily.

Try ordering meat

In case your schedule is so tight you can't make it all on time, ordering some meat online is a legitimate option. Driving to a butchery, waiting in line, and going back can take some time and people order so many different things online these days that meat meals shouldn't be an exception. Just search for a butcher shop near me and let Google do the rest. You can choose between the finest meat cuts and different kinds of meat.

Don’t focus on meat only

Your diet should be balanced. Some of the best diets include different ingredients and various foods, such as legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, and olive oil. Too much red meat cannot be beneficial, so make sure you eat it twice a week as a maximum and other days eat some chicken, turkey, or fish. If you're not a meat lover, you don't have to eat meat every day, but still include it in your weekly meal planning and make sure you get a good quality one. Always accompany your meat with some fresh salads and avoid a lot of bread or any starchy products.

Make sure you have adequate tools for meet prep

There are some useful kitchen tools to make meat preparation faster and easier. You should have containers of different sizes and shapes. The ones made of glass are easy to clean and better than plastic ones. Containers with compartments are great too since you can put your meat meal and other ingredients like rice, salads, or sauces. A lunch bag is important for anyone who prepares meals at home to later carry them with themselves to work.

Food to avoid when you eat meat

Some food combinations should be avoided. When it comes to meat, let's mention a couple of them. Yogurt with ham or red meat can enhance some cancerogenic cells in your body. Watermelon can reduce the nutritious value of the meat, so avoid it as a dessert when consuming meat. Vinegar as an ingredient can add some spiciness to the meat, but it can also be dangerous for your heart, so try to avoid its usage when preparing meat. Also, avoid drinking while eating whatever you eat.


These five tips are essential for your meat diet. With a good organization of your daily schedule, you can manage to prepare tasty and healthy food for every day. In case you need a little help, don't hesitate to order some good meat from a nearby butcher shop. Combine well the ingredients and enjoy your healthy diet.