4 Tips for a Safe Holiday Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author : Matthew Shillington | Published On : 25 Mar 2021


After spending months at home, it’s quite understandable to want to travel and spend a vacation somewhere. The travel and tourism industry is slowly recovering, while the COVID-19 virus still remains a threat. Travelling is not 100% safe yet, but by following important precautions recommended by the experts, you and your loved ones can be safe. If you have plans to book an Esperance accommodation, follow these 4 useful tips to make your journey safe and worry-free.

Research About Your Destination:

Before heading to your location, research and find out if it’s safe to visit at this time. Are cases rising? If so, you would be at a higher risk of getting infected. Choose a destination that is less affected. Some states and countries may also have enforced travel restrictions, such as self-quarantine for a specified number of days. Be aware of these rules before beginning your trip.

Direct Trips are the Safest:

Take a trip that doesn’t require multiple modes of transportation. It is the safest way to travel during COVID-19, as it reduces the risk of exposure. Therefore, choose an Esperance accommodation that are within the driving distance. That said, road trip in your own vehicle is highly recommended, since you're travelling only with your family. Here are a few things to remember for safety:

- Pack your own snacks and drinks to avoid shopping at crowded stores on the way.

- Use a face mask when you are close to strangers

- Always have hand sanitisers and wipes with you throughout the trip

- Travelling during off peak hours is better. Don't travel on Fridays, since public restrooms would be more crowded on this day.

Choose an Accommodation that Complies with the Regulations:

If you are staying at a hotel or a holiday house, make sure that the service is following the cleaning and sanitising protocols. A reputable Esperance accommodation holiday house adopts effective cleaning practises to keep both their staff and guests safe. Before making a reservation, contact the service and ask them if the rooms and premises are clean and sanitised.

You can also carry your own sanitisation supplies with you. Use disinfecting wipes on commonly used surfaces, such as doorknobs and switches. Handle your own luggage, and remember to clean your items including computers and phones.

Spend More Time Outdoors:

The risk of exposure is high when you are inside an enclosed space. Experts recommend spending more time outdoors. This is exactly why a beach vacation is the best choice during the pandemic. Walking along the beach, exploring the beauty of the hills, and going on a bike ride is just fun and highly invigorating. Staying at a holiday home by the beach will be just right for you during these trying times.

Travelling might not be just as easy during the pandemic, but it is manageable when you follow the important safety precautions. So, start planning your vacation and book an accommodation near Esperance, because you deserve it!

The author frequently publishes blog posts on travel and tourism for her readers online. She is working at a recognised Esperance accommodation holiday house. In this writeup, she provides some useful safety tips for travelling during the COVID- 19 pandemic. To know more, visit https://www.esperancechaletvillage.com.au/