4 Signs It’s Time to Tune-Up Your Skis

Author : The Destination | Published On : 09 Mar 2021

A tune-up is one of the most important ski services in Vancouver that you should get. It conditions your ski and ensures that you get the best outcome from your skis.

When you don’t get a tune-up or you got ski services in Vancouver but the tune-up isn’t great, here are the signs that will show:

  1. Your skis feel dull

You need sharp skis to make sure that it will roll from side to side and run smoothly. Over time, the edges will dull out, making it more difficult to traverse trails. This can also slow down your skiing speed. In some cases, the edges might feel sharper than usual. This can happen if you got bad ski services in Vancouver.

  1. It’s hard to turn

Dull skis might be difficult to maneuver. Additionally, they can form grittiness on the surface that will make it more difficult to take those turns. It’s good to take your ski to a shop like The Destination to have the edges detuned.

Another possible reason why it’s harder to turn is that the skis don’t have a flat base. This can happen if the base is lower than that of the edges.

  1. There is no grip

Check the bevel of our skills. Put the edge and base on a specific angle and if it’s below 1 degree, your ski might end up feeling too loose.

The opposite might be true as well. You might feel like the base is too grippy and that it’s harder to move because it just sticks to the surface of the ground.

  1. You can feel your skis vibrating

This can be a result of your previous tune-up. Some shops might make the base deeper just because it looks nicer. However, this isn’t the best condition for the softer kind of snow. This kind of structure works better if you want to prevent water from clinging to the base of the ski. On soft snow, this might make your skis feel like things are sticking on the base, hence the vibrating feeling.

Watch out for visible signs of damage as well. Deep gouges and scrapes will indicate a need for ski services in Vancouver. If you can see chipping, cracking, or breaking on the skis, don’t use it. It might be time to get a replacement.

It’s best to have your skis checked before and after the season. If you are renting from shops like The Destination, they will have it tuned up for you as well. But if you have your own ski, it’s up to you to check for signs of damage and determine whether or not you need to have it tuned up. To remove the guesswork, simply get routine ski services in Vancouver.

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