4 Factors for Choosing Right VoIP Small Business Phone System

Author : Neelesh Verma | Published On : 23 Sep 2021

Communication is key to run a successful business, either it is large or small. To make flawless communication effective phone system is essential for any organisation to survive in the competitive market. Moreover, with the advent of advanced technology and communication tools, businesses need an effective business phone system that can overcome the drawbacks of traditional landline phones and offer enterprise growth.   

Many Australian small businesses owners still find it challenging to choose the right business phone system so, here are four factors that will help to select the VoIP Business Phone System in Australia.  

  • Phone Connection: On the way of choosing the right business phone system, it is important to decide to go with the traditional landline or a business VoIP connection. A Small business VoIP operates over an internet connection, whereas standard landline works on copper wire. An increasing number of Australian companies are considering small business VoIP services as they are affordable to install and easy to maintain.  

  • Cost: One of the important factors to keep in mind while choosing a phone system is service plans and pricing. With traditional phones, users have to pay a hefty price for installation and business plans, but cloud-based business phones eliminate any upfront cost. The business phone system is available in the monthly subscription plan so that users can pay for the services per usage.  

  • Ease of Access: A phone system should have ease of access so that company’s workforce can easily operate it. Finding an easy-to-use phone system is crucial as it lets employees connect with their colleagues in no time. The common business phone system features like caller identification, call hold, call conferencing should be easy for users to execute.  

  • Call Features: In terms of calling features, today’s telephone systems offer the wide range of options of calling for large and small to medium-sized businesses. Numerous providers provide between 20 to 50 options that include automatic attendants, music-on-hold, voice mail options, instant messaging, call logs, call recording, conference services and many more.  


Before the introduction of advanced communication technology, only large companies were able to afford feature-rich telephone systems. VoIP services have put up these phone systems within reach of small businesses. The four factors mentioned above help to determine the right phone system for business purposes. It is crucial to ensure that the ideal small business VoIP telephone system meets the needs of an organisation for effective communication.  

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