4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play a Piano

Author : Vania Vrondi | Published On : 16 Sep 2021


Piano is indeed one of the most popular musical instruments all around the world, and it is used in different styles of music including pop, classical, and jazz. Just in case you didn't know, piano was originally called as gravicembalo col piano e forte, which translates to “a harpsichord that plays soft and loud noises”.

Learning to play a piano is not just fun, but very rewarding too. If you are considering to sign up for piano lessons offered by a music school Limassol, go ahead without hesitation! Here are four reasons why learning to play the piano is totally worth it.

Express your emotions better:

Musical instruments can definitely allow you to express your emotions to the audience, and a piano is absolutely perfect for it. You will be able to connect better with music as you play a piano. Many popular musicians out there use a piano when writing songs. The major scales in piano are meant to express a happy feeling, whereas the minor scales express sadness and delicate feelings. Piano allows you to manipulate the notes, with which you can convey to the listeners what exactly you're feeling at the moment.

Helps Relieve Stress:

You may already know that learning to dance at Vania Vrondi ballet school Limassol is great for your emotional health. Believe it or not, sitting down to play a piano can also help relieve stress. It lets you refocus and distracts you from negative thoughts. Playing a piano is definitely helpful for those having trouble falling asleep, especially due to overthinking. For people with high blood pressure and anxiety, playing a piano can be therapeutic. It also helps reduce the risks of having depression too.

Improved focus or concentration skills:

Split concentration is an important aspect when it comes to playing a piano. This allows you to refine your concentration skills over time. When playing this instrument, you must use both hands, work the pedals, read music, and listen to the notes all at the same time. Split concentration gets better with practice, even though it appears to be hard in the beginning. Even better, your multitasking skills will vastly improve as a result.

Piano lessons aren't that hard:

A lot of people are under the impression that playing a piano is really difficult. But it's not! One of the benefits of playing the piano is that there is no physical pain involved, unlike other instruments such as guitar. People of any age can easily learn to play a piano. You can enrol in piano classes offered by a recognised music school Limassol, and the experts will teach you the right techniques.

Besides the above benefits, playing a piano helps build up self-confidence and makes you more open minded. It's not just about entertaining others, but also discovering more about yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for piano lessons from Imperial Russian Academy right away!

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