4 Common Mistakes You May Be Making According to Your Hair Type

Author : UNITE Hair | Published On : 04 May 2021

We have all committed countless hair care mistakes, as it isn’t always easy to understand what our locks need. Depending on your hair type, there are certain outcomes you might be more prone to, such as frizz or dryness. Luckily, specific steps like using an effective hair detangler or styling cream can lend a hand. It’s time to dive into common hair care mistakes and how you can avoid them with techniques and products that match your hair’s needs.

Mistake #1: Drying Out Your Curls

Those with curly hair may notice that the bottom half of their locks feel dry while the roots feel more moisturized or maybe even greasy. Oil travels easier along straight hair for even distribution, while this process may be hindered on curls and instead stay at the root. Because of this, those with curls must focus on moisture throughout their hair care routine to avoid dryness. Opt for a styling curl cream that uses coconut oil, vegetable proteins, and plant-sourced vitamins and oils to help you retain hydration, nourish your hair, and define curls. You can also use dry shampoo to help absorb excess oil as you style your way to a carefree look that’s hydrated and effortless.

Mistake #2: Not Protecting Your Blonde Locks

Whether you have natural or color-treated blonde hair, it’s important to keep your hair protected before you start styling or walk out the door. It’s key that you use a non-toning daily purple conditioner and shampoo that can help you cleanse and condition before you start styling. After you’ve washed your hair, be sure to add a product that provides thermal and UV protection that can help your hair appear strengthened as you avoid unwanted damage. Some of the best brands offer an argan oil formulated for blondes that checks these boxes while helping to eliminate frizz. Try adding a hair treatment twice a week designed for blonde hair to help your locks appear bright and repaired as you tone, support color retention, and more.

Mistake #3: Not Addressing Frizzy or Dull Straight Hair

Straight hair has its own set of woes, feeling like it falls flat throughout the day or that there’s noticeable frizz. If you’re looking to minimize the appearance of frizz for your blowout, try a cream designed to reveal smooth, frizz-free locks. Hair oil can be another surefire way to keep the look of flyaways at bay while helping your hair stay protected with argan oil. If you’re seeking out more texture, try a styling spray that uses natural sea salt to give you weightless volume that can combat dull-looking hair.

Mistake #4: Using Low-Quality Styling Products

Regardless of your hair type, the products you use in your hair care routine can make or break your final look. So choose a brand that creates high-quality formulas that deliver results. The company should offer a wide range of products, from a curling wand to a volumizing spray, and be trusted by salons to ensure the solutions are effective. If you’re still feeling unsure, find a brand that features a hair quiz to help you find the products that can match your hair type and address your concerns best.

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