4 best WordPress plugins for small businesses | Must Install

Author : tech seo00 | Published On : 22 Sep 2021

Plugins are viable for inserting functionality into a WordPress website to let it do anything you want. For this reason, WordPress has thousands of plugins (approx. 54,000+) available. Here is a directory of some best WordPress plugins for small businesses.

SMBs – Small to Medium-sized Businesses have a dream of meeting their customers' needs at best. The WP website with perfect functionality can let them have loyal customers, so installing plugins is favorable.

Although the plugins are free, it's not like you have to use all of them. Remember, too many plugins (specifically low-quality) can make your website slow. So, you should opt for the suitable ones (necessary) only. Now which plugins to install is still problematic for the individuals. Typically, the WordPress Development Services that built the websites install the plugins required by your website and those you requested effortlessly.

Let's dive in to know about:

Best WordPress plugins for small businesses


You need an eCommerce-based solution to turn your website into an eCommerce store for selling the goods. Woocommerce seems to be that solution. It provides all you need for your e-store and your customers to stay connected and buy with you. Woocommerce not only helps you start an online shop but also assists in its management. Product pages, checkouts, payment options, and many other functions like reporting and analytics tools, to name a few.

To get more help about its installation, etc., you can consult your trusted WordPress Development Agency.


SEO is now the necessity of every website if it wants to stay active and influential on search engines. Why? It gives the website a complete makeover by modifying the content, design, links, etc., and makes it more readable and engaging for the incoming visitors. So that they can stay, navigate, and convert as customers, in short, generating revenue for the business.

However, businesses have to hire SEO services to do the SEO – Search Engine Optimization that brings excellent results. Obviously, they have to pay too, whether hitting the bank or not.

However, Yoast can help you be an SEO pro, even when you have little know-how. So you can do all the above and many more for your website. Therefore, Yoast is the top second plugin on the list.


‎Cyber-attacks, data breaches, virus and malware attacks, brute force attacks, and hacking have increased a lot on the internet. The hackers, whenever they get a loophole to enter your website, trespass. A security shield is a must to protect the website. But you should know that you yourself don't have to be an IT expert to build that shield.

What we mean is that you can take the help of a plugin, Sucuri. Install it and avoid such hassles. You can get real-time monitoring for your small business websites and protection against attacks and unauthorized access round the clock. The 24/7 monitoring also comes with immediate notifications like email alerts if any issues occur.

Alongside Sucuri, other plugins are also reliable, such as Jetpack Security, ‎iThemes Security Pro, ‎and WPScan.


No doubt, security plugins can help you secure your website from cyber-attacks. However, any scenario can happen anytime, like hardware failure, server crash, let alone data breaches, etc. That can result in your server and website going down and website unavailability to the customers. It means you need to be prepared with a backup for such conditions to save your efforts on the website from going down the drain.

The most popular Backup plugin, named, BackupBuddy helps with complete website backup (files, databases). You can have both automated and scheduled backups set according to your choice. So even if any disaster occurs, you can set, run, and start promptly, where you left. For more and advanced features, you can upgrade to the premium version too. Other famous names for backup plugins are UpdraftPlus and Jetpack Backups.

Wrapping Up!

There is a long list of plugins considering each functionality. However, we have list only the indispensable ones. Moreover, the plugins' names and numbers usually vary per the business needs. So, regarding the best WordPress plugins for small businesses, you can ask WordPress Development Agency for suggestions. The experts there has long-run experience in making WordPress websites. So you can have a personalized list of plugins pertinent to your SMB. Make your WordPress website flourish with website traffic and engage prospects and customers, resulting in an accelerated revenue cycle.