28 Amazing Facts About Solar Energy Australia Should 100% Know About in 2021

Author : Grayson Cole | Published On : 26 May 2021

Solar Energy in Australia is Tomorrow's Powerhouse that's Environment Friendly and Affordable with Rebates

Solar energy, no matter what, is fascinating. And while humankind has managed to successfully harness, there's still more to it! This article lists 28 amazing facts about solar energy Australia should know about in 2021.

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  1. Solar energy Australia wide (and globally) is an absolutely free source of energy

  2. Solar energy is a renewable resource of energy and there's plenty of it available to harness. Bonus? We may never run out of solar energy

  3. Photovoltaic cells can very well harness solar energy. Other solar technology using solar energy includes solar heating, solar thermal electricity etc

  4. There are two types of solar technology that's in use today: active and passive types. Passive solar technology involves creating rooms that have efficient air circulation and having rooms oriented such that they receive maximum benefits of solar energy. Active solar technology involves using solar panels to harness the sun's energy directly 

  5. Sun's energy reaches Earth through radiation

  6. Approximately 30% of the sun's energy is reflected by atmospheric layers. The rest is absorbed by clouds, plants and oceans

  7. The earth receives approximate 174 Petawatts of the sun's energy every day 

  8. Upon absorption of solar energy by oceans and earth, the atmospheric temperature rises. This results in warm air rising from water bodies eventually causing convection. When this rise hits higher altitudes, the water vapour condenses forming clouds. These clouds causes are responsible for rains and bringing back water to the earth's surface. Thus, solar energy also regulates the water cycle on Earth

  9. Sun energy isn't taxed and in fact, there are many rebates, incentives and schemes available that makes getting solar power systems in your living space affordable

  10. You can cook food using solar energy

  11. There are two methods of converting solar energy into a usable form of energy. Direct methods involve using solar panels and indirect method involves utilising solar energy through concentrated channel

  12. You need solar inverters to convert direct current from solar panels into alternating current

  13. Thermal storage systems are capable of storing solar energy in form of heat energy and later use it when needed

  14. Solar energy can very well decrease the stress on the environment by reducing greenhouse effects

  15. Water heating and cooking food are two major applications of solar panels. With solar battery and solar inverters, the scope of solar energy in Australia can be increased

  16. Solar energy is a fast-growing industry that promises to take over stress from current sources of energy (coal and petroleum). Hydro energy and wind energy closely follows

  17. Planet Earth on daily basis receives approximately 1366 Watt of solar energy per square meter

  18. The Mojave Desert in California, United States of America has the world's largest solar power system installation. The installation covers 1000 acres of land

  19. Solar energy is preferred in places where energy requirements are huge and temporary

  20. There are no recurring costs that a homeowner or a business with solar power systems have to pay

  21. Solar power systems require minimum maintenance

  22. When a living space completely switches to solar energy (having solar panels, solar inverter and solar battery), there are higher chances of massive savings on electricity bills

  23. Solar energy is eco-friendly and pollution-free as there aren't any residuals or byproducts left at the end of the energy cycle

  24. A typical solar power system comprises solar panels, solar inverter and solar battery. Depending on your energy needs throughout the day, installations can be done within your budget

  25. When you pair solar battery and solar panels in QLD, Victoria and anywhere else, solar panels can power your home/workspace 24x7

  26. You can earn through solar energy in Australia through the feed-in tariff

  27. The SI unit that solar energy in Australia is measured is kilowatt-hour

  28. Solar energy is abundantly present in Australia and while many work and living spaces are going solar, there's still ample solar energy that's getting wasted due to lack of adequate infrastructure

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