Oil Filled Radiator With Timer Isn't As Difficult As You Think

Author : Tang Mejia | Published On : 01 Jun 2024

Oil Filled Radiator With Timer

The thermal oil in an electric oil heater has superior heat retention properties which can keep it warm for a long period of time after it has been turned off. These heaters have advanced security features, like an overheat protection system as well as tilt switches that make them safe to use around children.

Easy of Use

If you're seeking a heater that will quickly heat up and keep a room cosy for a long time, then an oil filled radiator with a timer may be the ideal choice for you. These types of heaters are typically very simple to operate, and most models feature an easy control panel that provides an array of options for customization such as a 24-hour timer that permits you to schedule exactly when you want the heater to come on and turn off.

Many oil-filled radiators come with a thermostat that permits you to select the temperature you want and the heater will adjust its power output automatically to maintain this temperature. This can help you save money on your energy bills, as the heater only uses the amount of power needed to keep your home warm.

Remote controls are another way to make an oil-filled radiator that has a thermostat easier to use. You can control the heater from a comfy place like your couch or bed, without having to go back and forth to the radiator. This can be particularly useful if you have mobility issues or difficulty using conventional control panels.

Timer-controlled radiators that are filled with oil are usually made to be as portable as possible. They are typically compact and light, making them easy to move from room room. They also often come fitted with wheels and a carrying handle. Some models are even wall-mountable, giving you the option to place them in a more permanent position.

It's important to consider the size and weight of an oil-filled heater with an adjustable thermostat if you're susceptible to vision or mobility issues. Particularly, you'll want to ensure that the heater is able to transport and that it is small enough to fit in a tight space.

A compact, portable model, like the Dreo Oil Filled Radar, is ideal for those with a small storage space. This mini heater is one of the smallest models in our round-up, and while it only offers one 800W setting, it's capable of heating a small room very quickly. It's also easy to use, with a simple LCD display and control panel that offers a variety of cutomisations in the thermostat and timer (1-24 hours) and heating modes (Low:600W; Med:900W; High:1500W), and the ECO mode.


Oil filled radiators are safer than other types of heating. They come with an overheat protection which stops the oil from becoming too hot and shutting down the heating. The heaters come with a tip-over switch which turns off the heater in the event of a fall. This makes them perfect for use around children and pets.

They aren't as hazardous as gas or electric fires as they don't generate flames or heat the air directly. They heat a room using an electric heating element as well as thermal oils to warm the air similar to the way a fan heater works.

Oil filled heaters are different from other electric radiators as they have a thermostat that controls the temperature in the room. They also have a timer for 24 hours. This means you can set the radiator to turn on and off at the times that suit you best, so you'll return home to a toasty and cosy room.

You can also shut off the radiator at end of the day to cut down on electricity. Fixed heaters with oil filling are good at keeping heat in, which makes them an ideal alternative to other types.

Do Oil Filled Radiators with a Timer cost more to run than other heaters?

Radiators that are filled with oil aren't expensive to run, as many people believe. In fact, they are nearly 99% energy efficient, so they convert all the electric power into heat energy and do not lose any of it. Additionally, they utilize little oil to warm the air, meaning they are more efficient than traditional heaters.

Another thing to take into consideration is that heaters with oil are near-silent, making them a perfect option for bedrooms or any other space that is sensitive to sound. They are more loud than other electric heaters, however when you set the thermostat to higher.

Keplin's portable radiators come with a 24-hour timer and a thermostat with six settings. You can set the temperature of your room to a level that is comfortable by pressing one button. Their sleek, modern design adds style to any room. The radiators are easy to move with the caster wheels that are swivel and feature a range of safety functions, such as tip over and overheat protection.

Energy Savings

With ever-increasing energy prices being the focus of attention, many people are seeking ways to reduce their home heating costs without sacrificing comfort or efficiency. This is why oil filled radiators are becoming more popular, especially with the growth of remote working and hybrid living.

As its name suggests, an oil-filled radiator makes use of the heat-retentive properties of special thermal fluid to effectively warm the room. The fluid is heated by an element inside the radiator, and the warmth is then transferred to the surrounding furniture and walls through convection and infrared radiation. The thermal fluid will keep the room warm for a number of hours after the heater has been turned off. This stops loss of heat which is common in traditional radiators.

Heating systems that are oil-filled are more efficient in energy than ceramic or dry thermal heating systems. They can heat a whole space or a particular area of your home, based on what you need. In addition, they can be controlled using a range of user-friendly and intuitive features that make them efficient in energy use, such as digital programming and precision thermostats. These functions enable the heating appliance to be able to heat up and cool down at specific times of the day, which means you don't have to be concerned about wasting electricity for unnecessary heating.

The amount of electricity an oil-filled radiator consumes depends in large part on the wattage. The higher the wattage of the heater, the more energy it will use. However, how the heater is used may influence energy consumption. If you treat the radiator as if was a panel heater or a dry thermal heater the wattage consumption can be significantly increased. If the heater is continuously turned off and on it will have to work harder to heat the space.

The radiators that are filled with oil are designed to be energy efficient. Many come with built-in energy saving features that help to reduce the use of electricity, and many come with wifi features that allow for energy-saving actions. If your radiator senses a sudden drop in temperature or a draught, it will automatically change to a low energy mode until temperatures stabilize. This feature is ideal for homes with multiple heating appliances.


Oil filled radiators with timers are a versatile energy efficient, long-lasting heating solution. Suitable for any room or space that require a simple digital programming with smart WiFi control to deliver steady warmth that won't cost you the money.

These electric heaters, as the name suggests, are stuffed with thermodynamic oils that expand when heated. This is similar to central heating systems. The difference is that they are not part of a high-pressure system, but operate as standalone, independently powered units. This lets them heat a room more quickly and shut off more quickly when the space is no longer used.

Their properties of thermal retention and radiation enable them to provide a mix of convection and radiant heating, which is ideal for all-day warmth in large and medium spaces. They warm the air through natural convection. However, they also emit a third through radiation. This allows the warmth to reach walls, objects and even people, instead of only the air.

Advanced models come with precise thermostats that help keep energy consumption to the minimum. They also prevent the temperature setting from shifting. This is particularly beneficial for people who prefer to heat their homes in zones, rather than having the same heat throughout the home. Some models also have the option of connecting to a smart meter, that allows you to regulate the heating to fit into your daily routine for optimal efficiency.

They require only minimal maintenance as they don't need to be cleaned, bled, or refilled (as is the case with central heating systems powered by gas). However, like all electric heaters, it's essential to bleed them prior to use for the first 30 minutes of operation. Fireplaces And Stove is it's a simple procedure that involves un-screwing the valve until liquid flows out. The liquid must be drained and disposed of in a safe manner.

Due to their high IP ratings and low electrical consumption Our Ecostrad oil filled radiators are extremely durable and long-lasting. They are also extremely versatile and come in a variety of finishes and styles to suit all interior design schemes. And for those who want a little extra peace of mind, a lot come with an anti-frost feature. This stops the radiator from overheating in cold conditions.