2 Keys to Getting Quality MG Parts in Brisbane

Author : Springwood MG | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

While the frame of your car is designed to last forever, there are certain parts of your vehicle that will need to be replaced due to the normal wear and tear that comes from using a vehicle regularly. Particularly for daily commuters or people who put a lot of kilometres on their cars, it's important to stay up to date with the repairs and replacements your vehicle needs. But how can you get access to quality MG parts in Brisbane?

2 Keys to Getting Quality MG Parts in Brisbane

1. Schedule Routine Service

One of the easiest ways to get quality MG parts for your vehicle is to schedule routine service at your local MG dealership. Unless you're a certified mechanic yourself, you may not know what to look at under the bonnet to identify parts of your vehicle that need to be repaired or replaced. By scheduling your routine service with the dealership, you can place your trust in certified MG mechanics, who understand how to properly take care of all MG models.

Having your routine service done at the dealership also ensures that any parts necessary for your service will be genuine, even down to oil, chemicals, and lubricants. MG dealers exclusively use MG parts for all repairs and replacements, and usually, the parts are made specifically with your model in mind. This means your repair will be flawless and long-lasting.

2. Order Through the Dealership

If you're confident enough to handle small repairs, like replacing an air filter, by yourself, then you may want to order your repair parts directly from the dealership. All you need to do is place an order with an MG dealership service department, identify your car model, and order the exact part you need.

Then you can pick up your part to do the repair yourself, or let the mechanics do the repair for you. When you order parts through the dealership, you can be confident about the quality of these parts.

Why Genuine Parts Over Generic?

So, why genuine MG parts instead of generic parts? While generic parts are admittedly a bit cheaper than genuine parts, the quality of generic parts can cost more in the long run. For one, generic parts aren't built to last, so you'll likely end up replacing generic parts much more quickly than a genuine part. Additionally, because generic parts aren't designed for your specific vehicle, they can cause damage that may be expensive to fix later on. Even something as simple as generic oil can cause lasting damage to an engine.

The best way to get quality MG parts for your repair or replacement is to go to the dealership directly. At the dealership, you can trust routine service checks to identify any repairs you may need, or you can order new parts directly through the service department. Either way, it's important for the parts you use on your vehicle to be genuine MG branded parts since they will last longer and lead to fewer costs down the road.