2 Effective Ways By Which You Can Create A Mockup

Author : Elmon Scott | Published On : 14 Jan 2022

The main benefit of using a mockup is that it can serve as a portfolio showpiece to highlight various applications of a specific design or can bring a project to life even before it is finished before clients.

Let’s have a look at how a tool such as a mockup generator can be used to create just the right scene for your designs.

The easiest way of making a mockup is by using a mockup generator tool. Choose a renowned online mockup generator for this, that comes with an option of free trial!

How to use a mockup generator?

Now you must be wondering, how to do it. It’s very easy.

? Select the mockup you want to use, out of those available there. For example- a cool design for a tank top.

? Choose the background and the tank top color you want to feature.

? Use the image and the text upload buttons to personalize the design.

? Using the ‘save’ option, save it.

? Share your mockup.

Yes! It is this easy to showcase a design in a realistic environment!

What other option is available to create a mockup?

If you are not really ready to use a mockup generator yet then you can use a tool like the Adobe photoshop. This is quite a good alternative option for intermediate to advanced photoshop users if you know what kind of mockup you want and have the time to create it. But for this you need to have a good understanding of how the software works and how to work with shapes and layers and smart objects.

Check out the ‘super-simplified version’ of how you can do it.

? Begin with an image for your mockup design. You can either use a photo or draw it.

? To insert the mockup content, draw a shape.

? Now change that shape to a smart object.

? To match the rest of the scene, adjust the perspective. You may also want to adjust the bland settings or opacity.

? Save it.

? Finally, add your mockup content to the design.

Are you looking for a great clothing mockup generator tool? Don’t wait but get in touch with a reputed online mockup generator today!

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