Product Creation

5 Ways to Control Accounts Payable

Author : kenebes joil | Date/Time : 05 Jan 2022

Automate Repetitive Tasks — Tasks, like approving purchase orders or making payments against invoices, are laborious and consume a lot of time for finance teams. Automating t..

How Much Data Have a Smart ID Card??

Author : Shafikul islam | Date/Time : 02 Jan 2022

The current scenario does not have the best security and privacy protection available. And with that, one of the most important technological innovations you would be taking up right now is smart I..

10 Reasons why prototyping is essential

Author : Clay Jensen | Date/Time : 19 Dec 2021

Prototypes can be difficult or impossible to make. The cost can render them uneconomical.

Believing in these myths could result in a significant loss of time and money. Prototyp..