10 Steps to deal with accusations for Murder

Author : Joseph Franks | Published On : 27 Sep 2021

Accusations for murder are not something to take lightly, even if you know that you are innocent and all claims against you are falsified. Taking someone’s life is a gravely serious crime that could lead to lifetime imprisonment or a death sentence. Nonetheless, it is against your interests to panic and do something impulsive in the situation. The accusations will make you the center of public scrutiny and law enforcement is not friendly towards criminal suspects.

1. Do not flee

The worst thing you can do at a time like this is to hide or run away. You must realize that such actions will only make you look guilty in the eyes of the law. You need to stay put and act normal in order to rectify the false allegations.

2. Do not resist arrest

If the police show up with a warrant to arrest you, do not resist. Co-operating with the police is the best strategy to avoid conflict and convey a good impression. Fighting, arguing, or cursing the cops will worsen the circumstances for you.

3. Use your right to remain silent

Nobody can force you to give a statement or confess to anything. Utilize your Miranda Rights by remaining silent and requesting a lawyer. If the police interrogate you, refuse to speak without a lawyer. Otherwise, you might blurt out something that could later be used to incriminate you.

4. Hire an attorney

Dealing with accusations for murder is no joke, which is why hiring Criminal Defense Attorney in Fall River, MA, is crucial in your case. Your attorney will speak for you at every step and shield you from anyone who tries to exploit you. Their skill and experience is the key to strategizing and winning the case.

5. Protect your alibi

If you have a genuine alibi that proves that you were someplace else at the time of murder, do not reveal this information to the opposition. Keep it a secret between you and your lawyer, until it is the right time to disclose it in court. If the prosecution learn about your alibi in advance, they will strive to dig up evidence that undermines your declaration.

6. Keep calm/don’t get manipulated

The prosecutor will try their best to get under your skin and urge you to say something you shouldn’t. You need to be on your guard at all times and put a leash on bubbling emotions. Not retaliating equals winning half the battle.

7. Refrain from giving any public statement

Do not say anything about the case on social media or any other public platform. It is recommended that you only trust your lawyer with all sensitive information. The prosecutor and law enforcement will be watching you closely at all times, so do not damage your chances of acquittal by posting something suspicious.

8. Do not contact the accuser

You might personally know the person who accused you of such a heinous crime and you will be compelled to confront them. Note to self that directly contacting the accuser is a mistake that will cost you big time. Anything you say to do to them can be used against you at trial.

9. Do not agree to anything before consulting your lawyer

Do not issue any statement or agree to some plea deal, unless your attorney tells you to do so. Do not agree to unwarranted searches or any kind of test before consulting your lawyer. You may not have anything to hide, but you must protect yourself at all costs.

10.Gather supportive evidence

When you are accused of murder, it is wise to start looking for supportive evidence right away. The allegations may never actually lead to official charges and incrimination, but you should prepare for the worst.