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Tips and Cues on Writing an Article and Publishing It with Science Publishers

Publishing your work as a scientist, scholar, researcher, or academic should be motivated by something higher than advancing your career or getting your work noticed. More

How Publishers can make use of Outsourced Content Development Services

If you are a publisher, and do not have sufficient manpower or expertise to take your upcoming publishing project through all the different phases without hiccups, it is time that you hire a content d More

A Newbie Guide to Publishing in a Science Journal

Research publications are major building blocks of a successful science career. This said, very little guidance is often offered to young scholars and up and coming scientists on how to get their prec More

Enhance Prospective Readers through Content Development Services

Want to connect with your readers? Hire professional content development services with years of publishing and editorial experience and attract more readers. More

Know How to Get Your Book Published by Nova Publishers

Getting published is not easy. You need to impress the right people with your manuscript and hope that your written material will get picked up by a reputable publisher. More

Top Reasons to Choose Nova Science Publishers for Your Book

Publishing original research and instructional materials is the lifeblood for those in the academic world. More

Initial Studies in American Letters – A Masterpiece by Henry A Beers

Henry A Beers’ Initial Studies in American Letters is a historical outline of North American literature and is a must read for every literature enthusiast. More

What actually is Canvas Printing?

Canvas prints are the hottest selling items all over the world right now! Here is an elucidating article, which speaks all about canvas printing and a complete guide to it. More

How You Can Get Some Help From A United Transfer Fan Blog

With the help of the internet, you can get the latest updates on sports. You can track the progress and results of the game through the internet. Access sports cast on the internet. There is a lot of More

The Action at the Battle of Sinope

Any contention that the attack by the Russian fleet upon the Turkish fleet laying at anchor in Sinope harbour was conducted by stealth is entirely incorrect. More

Decorating Your Home or Office with Canvas Printing

A canvas printing is nothing but printing an image to a canvas for decorating purposes. This is an article about ways to decorate the home with canvas prints and its benefits. More

EPublishing Subscription Plans - The Best Online Experience

With the increase in the dependency of the Internet, people prefer digital media for everything. If it is about reading magazine or any other publication then they subscribe to online magazines. More

Effective Journal Writing

Journal writing is often done when we reach a crisis. Why? Because it works. If it works so well, why not try journal writing on a daily basis. More

How to get Oracle Business Intelligence course online

Business Intelligence is a collective term that represents the systems and tools in a business used for strategic planning. Most businesses use multiple tools to solve different needs like enterprise More

The Advantages of Publisher Subscription Plans

Publisher subscription plans allow you to publish several books through the same publishing company. With digital publishing, this is usually a site dedicated to publishing eBooks. More

Common question of a novice author how to write a book

You should know about Writing Stories and Books while taking part in Best Writing Competitions or Best Writing Contests. It is mandatory to be well versed with the ways of How to Write a Book. More

An Author in Kolkata the City’s Signature Property

An author in Kolkata even at this age is dedicated more to the cause of Literature than for securing commercial mileage. That is why perhaps, any famous writer in Kolkata has never fallen short of pub More

A Beacon In a Tradition

A list of famous writer in Kolkata if ever made will have exactly infinite number of names, all equally justified to top the list. The magic of the land and the water of the place is such strong. The More