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The importance of particle size analysis in pharmaceutics

Particle size represents an imperative process in the pharmaceutical industry because the characteristics of the product, namely size, shape and distribution of the particles can influence its stabili More

What are Black Diamonds? What Jewelry Products Have a Black Diamond in them?

If you don't already know about black diamonds, then its time to know that. Read this article to know more. More

Carbon is Black but Diamond is Colorless, Why?

In this post I have listed a few facts to answer the question "Carbon is black but diamond is colorless, why?" More

Who discovered first diamond?

Here you will come to know about who discovered the first diamond? More

Where are Diamonds found in India?

Here are a few names of Indian states are listed where you can find diamonds. More

Factors Affecting the Color of the Diamonds

Here are various factors are listed on which the color of the diamond depends. More

Why can diamonds be the gems for investing?

Here you will see some of the core points describing why diamonds can be the good gems for investing. More

Why are Diamonds a Symbol of Eternal Love?

See various reasons why diamonds are a symbol of eternal love. More

What are Solitaire Diamonds? How are they Different from Normal Diamonds?

Here are some of the points explaining what solitaires are. More

What are the Different Naturally Occurring Colors of Diamonds?

Here are some of different naturally occurring colors of diamonds in details. More

Why do Diamonds Sparkle

Here are a few noteworthy points, indicating why diamonds sparkle actually. More

Tops With Cut Out Shoulders - Off Shoulder Jumpsuits

Off The Shoulder Tops is flattering, flirty, and hides your pit stains, what more you could find here. More

Oversized One Shoulder Top - Special Mother'S Day Gift

Off The Shoulder Tops is a street style trend at New York Fashion this year, See all the best off the shoulder tops ideas here! More

a level chemistry tuition

H2chemistry offer best chemistry tutor and o & a levels chemistry tuition service in Singapore with reasonable price. Call/Whatsapp: 91091306. More

How to Prepare science for CBSE 12th Result 2017

Hello CBSE Students! If you are studying under CBSE Board with CBSE 12th Class and you have to attempt the CBSE Board 12th Class Exam in this year. Because Central Board of Secondary Education is goin More

Lab Microscope Types and Applications

In this article we will describe different types of laboratory microscopes and their uses. More

Some tips for entering the medical profession

If you are medically inclined and like to opt for this profession, there are certain guidelines you need to abide by. More

Choose Biotechnology Courses For a Prospective Career

Biotechnology is a science where technology is based on biology to derive useful products or technical applications using living organisms and bioprocesses in technology, medicine, engineering or othe More

NIN Scientists interact with M. Pharma. students at GLA University

Eminent Scientists from the National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, delivered lectures at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, GLA University, Mathura. More

When Business embraces Technology

Born and raised in the beautiful town of Sana’a, which also happens to be the capital of Yemen, I was always eager to be in the-know of the latest things. Whether it was the latest gadget or the newes More

University education in Yemen:

Education is said to be the key to success, and Yemen has not been left behind in this pursuit for success. More

Information Regarding The Work Of A Behavior Analyst Alabama Dwellers Need To Know

It can be split into two broad categories-applied and experimental analysis of behavior. The former, for instance, forms the scientific component of this practice. More

Use Light Reflector Design Software for Optimal Results

The optical design software can be used for the optical calculation and reflector designing using mirror surfaces to offer better illumination results using this technology. More

Reasons to Choose a Career in Medical Field

Even before completing the high school, the students start to think about the career option they should go for. Many students struggle with the decision of choosing their career. This is a very import More

Importance of Continuing Medical Education (CME) in Medical Science

Daily, there are media reports about the invention of something new in medical industry. Better techniques of treatment evolve which give new hopes to patients and public. However, with new innovation More

Power inverters contain power bank to store solar energy

Are you using a solar system? Are you familiar with them? The batteries in these solar systems are one of the most important elements. More

Find Relevant Facts Related to Degree in Public Health and also Explore Career Benefits

Many doctors were comfortable with the concept of making their patients feel good from opting peculiar methods for their health. Moreover, experts are emphasizing to create awareness about drug develo More

Find Light Reflector Design Solutions Online

If you are looking out for led reflector design, check out with only professional companies who have lot of experience in using this concept and solutions to bring out versatile products useful for di More

Online Ayurveda Training Programs For The Students

Ayurveda is the amalgamation of two distinctive terms Ayur and Veda. Ayur stands for life and Veda stands for a body of knowledge. Hinduism is the religion, which is highly based on scientific researc More

All that you may want to know about Lasers!

This article deals with the laser beams and their different uses. It also covers the scope of lasers in context to our daily lives. More

Versatility of Sapphire Permits Different Types of Windows

Saphhire - There are various types of optical windows that can be made from this single versatile mineral owing to its unique properties. Interested to know more? More

Matching the Grade of Sapphire to the Application

How is sapphire graded and how does grading help to choose a sapphire window best suited for your purpose while keeping costs low? Look no further, we will tell you how. More

Four Parameters to Consider when Specifying Sapphire Windows

How to choose the grade of sapphire for your application that provides you optimal performance and the best value for money? Here are the four main parameters to consider. More

Sapphire Optical Windows Perform in Demanding Applications

Sapphire has unique physical, chemical and optical properties that makes it ideal for optical windows. Esco optics taps into this unique resource. Want to know why? More

Sapphire Emerges as a Valuable Scientific Resource

Make use of the properties of this versatile mineral- ‘Sapphire’ for all your demanding optical applications. Check the ESCO optics website for all sapphire based optical products available here. More

Working on a Food Safety Supervisor Course

A food safety supervisor course is mandatory to work in a supervisory position in the food industry. It is important for anyone wanting to take the food safety supervisor course to review all the diff More

Have a Positive Home Atmosphere with Vastu Consultant in Kolkata

The tantrik in Kolkata is pretty famous and has helped a number of people with his useful advice. The vastu consultant in Kolkata is a renowned person, who can be consulted when you wish to buy a new More

Find Water in Your Backyard with a Good Water Well Drilling Company

Water well drilling process is complicated but there are expert water well drillers having the necessary equipment to make the process easy and simple. More

Why should You Go for Water Test

Know about the advantages of going for a water test. More

Water Well Drilling Experts have Knowledge on Drilling Water Wells

Drilling a water well is not so difficult as it was years ago. Read this article to understand the process of water well drilling better. More

Test the Water to Ensure it is Safe for Drinking

You should test the water to ensure your loved ones are not drinking contaminated water, which can cause serious health risks. More

Pregnancy and the Food Handling Course

Pregnant women should only eat at venues where food handling course guidelines are strictly enforced. More

Benefits of Going for Water Test

Know about the benefits of going for a water test and lead a healthy life. More

Restaurant Success Comes with a Dedicated Food Safety Supervisor

The food safety supervisor must care about and be dedicated to their job in order for a food service venue to be successful. More

Basics of Basement Construction That You Must Know

Know how basement construction specialists can assist you in building basements. More