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A good part of our life is ruled by the actions and experiences of people around us. What we see and influences our decision making process.Our opinions are often based on someone else’s views, knowle More

Raio X Ombro - Off-the-shoulder-tops

Off The Shoulder Tops are undeniably in for spring, just buy your favourites and be a fashion girl! More

Standard Fidelity: Getting rid of spam by fraud travel insurance

Know more about travel insurances More

Standard Fidelity: Korea’s most popular frauds and scams

Being scammed is not any less than the worst headache for everyone. More

Why should I get travel insurance?

Why one should decide on Travel Insurance is a surprisingly easy argument to make: It’s not just for you, travel insurance lets your family and friends rest easy– foreign hospitals can be really More

Zika Virus and Travel Insurance

The Zika virus has caused major concern for travelers headed to affected countries largely in Latin America and the Caribbean. Allianz Insurance, one of our recommend providers has been assisting tra More

anything to back up

anything to back up anything to back up More

Tips To Save On Nova Scotia Travel Insurance

There is an entire range of Nova Scotia travel insurance plans out there. You can find out their coverage, compare their rates, and choose the most suitable one, as per your requirements, preferences More

Finding the best travel insurance Company in India

One must choose a travel insurance plan wisely as it might save you from spending a fortune in any tragic accident while away from home. Specially, it is quite prudent to go for travel Insurance plans More

Take the safety net of travel insurance

The different benefits of travel insurance and how a customer can get the policy is discussed in this article. More

Follow your passion of travelling and make it secure by the travel insurance plan.

You and your loved ones have an inherent drive within to explore and know more. But, a safe and sound way of quenching your desires is always advisable. More

Why Insurance Companies Decline Travel Insurance Claims

Travel Insurance is one of the first things people plan about when preparing to go on a trip as it may save you from complications during your journey and make your stay peaceful. More

Overseas Travel Insurance - Why you Need It?

Even the most well organized travel plan is susceptible to uncertainties. And, when you are traveling abroad you simply can't even count on friends or even family members to come for your rescue in ca More

Compare and Purchase International Travel Insurance Policy

Getting an overseas travel insurance is important if you are planning to travel to new places, or if you'd be working outside the country. Just like any other type of insurance, this kind assures your More

Why to Compare Online Overseas Travel Insurance Quotes

Overseas travel insurance is crucial when you are traveling from another country to India or maybe you are traveling from India to any other country. Whether you are making a holiday trip or even a bu More