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STRESS BUSTER (Part 3 – and the trilogy completes)

As we wind up, I hope at least these methods can help keep stress at bay, even remotely if not completely. But always remember to face the cause of stress rather than shoving it under the carpet. More


As we make a wrap, I will give you insight on the proactive measures one takes to cheat stress away. More

Stress Buster (Part 1)

As we make a wrap, I will give you insight on the proactive measures one takes to cheat stress away. More


As a salesman, you cannot blame yourself for any transaction that you cannot make. In fact, it is important to learn from the mistake and move on. Also, focus on the sales you’re making so that you to More

The Licence to Freedom

During my girlhood years, my cousins dreamed of living abroad, living life King size, and making oodles of money. However little did they know their dreams would be so shattered, as they couldn’t quit More


Do remember that only when you love and respect yourself will others love you back and respect you. Don’t become someone’s trashcan. You as an individual are worth a lot more! More

Simple Solutions

Can come under anger management, and also under the practical uses, importance, and advantages of being positive More

The Effective Communicator

Communication is and has been a very important tool in every era whether now or earlier ages. It is very necessary to be able to communicate effectively so that one can get to where one wants, and als More

Are You The Victim Of Your Anger

Beautiful thing to note though is that as soon as he finished what he had to say, to whom he has to say, he went back in just a few micro seconds to being the jovial self he was known for. More

Confined to your Current Level of Success?

The Outstandingly Successful people know when to write an expiry date to their already achieved success, they are open to criticism, feedback and best of all to re-invent themselves. More


A leader needs focus, sense of time, adaptation to situations and much more to reach a particular goal in a by in order to become a successful leader and the torch bearer one should try to More

Conflict Solving Using NLP

Alphastars Academy of Excellence has build up a practitioner program named NLP which is responsible for conflict management and resolving problems. It also gives you ways to learn how to avoid and sta More

Benefits Of NLP

NLP program introduced by Alphastars Academy of Excellence has tremendous benefits in overcoming some of the prominent problems faced by youngster’s middle aged as well as old aged people today. NLP l More

A Life Savior Program

“NPL” the practitioner program introduced by Alphastars Academy of Excellence for the betterment of individuals who have lost track of life. It soothens the process of thinking and improves the unstab More