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Understand The Political Process In USA

USA is known as the second largest democracy in the world and it has posed its supremacy on world economy, defense and technology. According to experts, USA has achieved this position due to its stro More

Politicians- Why They Are Being Trolled By Public?

In daily basis from electronic media to print media, they all are flooded with political news and also politicians are placed as the low esteem in such news. It is true that, politicians were never ha More

American Political Process and Current Events

The two noteworthy U.S. psychological oppressor assaults that happened in 2015 and 2016 included individuals with binds to nations not on that rundown: Omar Mateen, who murdered 49 individuals at the More

Trump in the American Political Process

President Trump is relied upon to suspend the U.S. outcast program as one of his official requests this week, shutting the entryway on a large number of individuals looking for shelter from religious, More

Political Process Changes and Renowned Politicians

A moment component of changing diversion in the 1960s was found in the Woodstock celebration. An outside show that went on for three days, it was one of the biggest and most vital social events in mus More

Changes in the Political Affiliation and Process in USA

The 1960s was an amazingly transformative time for political affiliation in the United States. The decade formed the nation and made it how it is today. It was a dynamic time for some reasons, includi More

Top Four Reputation Management Strategies that are Extremely Effective

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently” Warren Buffett. If you own a business, you know how hard it is to attain th More

Tips to Creating Effective Campaign Strategies for Election

If you have ever been a candidate for election, you know there is no consolation or second prize for the runner-up. More

Make In India With Beach Minerals

“Though India is home to 35% of global rare earth minerals and 71% of world’s monazite reserve, China dominates the rare earth supply of the world. With a slight change in the policies, India can be t More

Things To Know About Political Process In USA

USA is one of the super powers in the world and it has fortified by a strong doctrine of democracy. As we all know, political process is like software for the nation which works virtually but in a pro More

Political Campaign Strategies: What Are They and They Include?

When it comes to running an election, every candidate wants to win. Well, it is not possible as only one candidate is considered to be eligible after winning maximum votes. More

Political Process and Legislation in USA

Like the government, state governments have three branches: official, administrative, and legal. The CEO of a state is its famously chosen senator, who commonly holds office for a four-year term (desp More

Crucial Information about the Political Process in USA

The United States is an elected republic in which the president, Congress, and courts share powers saved to the national government as per its Constitution. In the meantime, the government offers powe More

The Top Essentials to Managing a Successful Election Campaign

Winning is everything when it comes to talking about elections. It is vital to understand the voter and connect with them effectively. It does not matter what level of race is you competing for, the b More

Why A Good Corporate Reputation Significant to Your Organization

A successful company is defined by its humble and faithful customers. When it comes to being successful in running a business, it is wise to take great care of your image. More

A Guide to Reputation Management

As being part of the healthcare industry you know, you have spent years when it comes to building your reputation in the practice area. It is a long investment which consists of tremendous hard work, More

Reputation Management Services in India: All You Need to Know

Building reputation takes months or even years. No matter whether it is a political entity or an individual, building reputation is surely not a piece of cake. Did you know, what took you years to bui More

American Political Events and Process

A sound religion, and it's otherworldly lessons, ought to show values in view of affection, empathy, commonality, differences, resilience, and comprehensiveness; "not" on the social morals and profoun More

Political Process and Affiliation

I believe it's the ideal opportunity for a change in our country's political procedure. There must be a superior method for choosing our countries pioneers. The decision talk has scarcely started and More

Chile’s Mining Costs Highest In The World, Vaikundarajan Explains Why

Chile is known to be world’s largest producer of copper. However, last year, Chile was also the frontrunner in mining costs despite cutting out on several projects. “The production cost in Chile last More

50 Villages In Ajmer On Development Road, Says Vaikundarajan

Over 50 villages in the district of Ajmer have been identified by the local authorities as mining-affected areas. The managing committee of Mineral Foundation Trust found that these villages suffer he More

V. V. Minerals faces Baseless allegations by activists

V. V. Minerals is India’s largest beach and sand mining company. The position of this company has attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Where on one hand VVM has plans to make Indi More

Underuse of Rare Earth Minerals

As per industry reports, the rare earth industry in India is underused and lies wasted. The Indian Rare Earth Industry is worth Rs. 90,000 crore of annual turnover. As per estimates by Beach Minerals More

Vaikundarajan appreciates Rai’s decision

Vaikundarajan, the Chairman and Managing Director of V. V. Minerals, said that he was surprised by Rai’s this step. Rai had, in one simple solution, conveyed the message to all the trouble-makers that More

Ban On Black Sand Mining In Philippines. Vaikundarajan Explains Why.

In Philippines, a group of environment supporters in the Vigan City have called for a ban on magnetite and black sand mining in the country. “A move like this can strength the environment safety campa More

Vaikundarajan On PIL Transfer To Chennai

“The investigation was completed and report submitted in November 2013. However, no evidence of illegal activity was found against VV Minerals,” says Vaikundarajan. More

Madras High Court Bench in Madurai dismisses PIL against sand mining

“Last year too, some PIL petitioners had asked the High Court to stop the desilting work, to which the High Court had suggested that the petitioners should approach the National Green Tribunal (NGT) a More

Goa Government Lifts Mining Transportation Ban

“Public safety is of utmost importance. With the lack of mining transportation roads in Goa, the trucks took to main road. A couple of accidents were reported by locals and the government was quick to More

Investing In Technology Are Just Stepping Stones To Urbanized And Modern India says Arun Lakhani

Chairman & Managing Director of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL India) Mr. Arun Lakhani says investing in technology are just stepping stones to urbanized and modern India. At Vishvaraj Infra (V More

Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited

VIL has been a proponent of PPP model, and has established track record in Road and highways sector. With Urban Infrastructure foray in Water, it is today the only Indian Utility with ongoing project More

Vaikundarajan Explains Cauvery River Issues

Cauvery is an important source of drinking water as well as irrigation for farmers in Tamil Nadu. There are a total of 127 combined water supply schemes providing water equivalent of 17tmcft every yea More

Government Is Doing Its Best To Curb Illegal Mining Activities, Says Vaikundarajan

The recent rise in the illegal mining activities has put the government on its toes. Several measures are being taken by the government to curb the illegal activities. “Recently, the government announ More

Arun Lakhani & Magadi 24x7

Magadi is a township in Ramanagara district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Magadi was the capital of Kempe Gowda who founded Bangalore in the 16th century. Magadi is located at 12.97°N 77.23°E. It More

government will use new tech for tracking illegal mining activity vaikundarajan explains how.

In a bid to curb illegal mining activities, the Union Minister of State for Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy and Mines has launched the Mining Surveillance System in New Delhi. “The technology is More

Nagpur 24x7 project - Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL India)

Water supply to be explained in beginner's terms is the provision of water by public utilities, viable organizations, community activities or by individuals, usually via a system of pumps and pipes. I More

Sewage and Wastewater Treatment – Mr. Arun Lakhani

Chairman & MD of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited, Mr. Arun Lakhani addresses the audience at the the 4th Annual Conference on Sewage And Wastewater Treatment by India Infrastructure. This conference More

Badminton Mr. Arun Lakhani’s Favourite Sport

Mr. Arun Lakhani the Chairman and Managing Director of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL India) also commonly known as Orange City Water (OCW) is also the President of Maharashtra Badminton Associ More

Sustainability & CSR By Mr. Arun Lakhani

Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd. (VIL) specializes in three Infrastructure sectors – Water, Waste Water and Transportation. VIL has been ground-breaking innovative PPP models in water infrastructure sect More

Views By Mr. Arun Lakhani on Water and Waste Water Treatment

Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited did some research and we realized 89% of the total available water of around 890 cubic meter goes into agriculture, of the balance 11% goes to industry and drinking wa More

Nagpur 200 MLD by Vishvaraj Pvt Ltd (VIL India)

Worldwide water companies are developing technologies and management systems to deal with challenges faced with water scarcity and sewage water treatment. Vishvaraj Pvt Ltd (VIL) however understands t More

Arun Lakhani’s view on Indian Urban Water Scenario

The rapidly urbanizing Indian population is expected to reach a figure close to 600 million urban people by 2031. This massive transition is creating serious challenges for urban planners and ULBs, es More

Arun Lakhani & Nagpur – Where it all began

“Now every household has a tap and a meter irrespective of whether it is slums, a flat or a bungalow. There is accountability for every drop of water supplied the first time,” says Arun Lakhani, chair More

Awards and affirmation of our work – Arun Lakhani

Mr. Arun Lakhani a man with a great vision and a forward thinker makes India proud as a nation. India has vast requirement of Infrastructure building and improvement. Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd, whi More

The Social Entrepreneur Arun Lakhani

A company that is truly ahead of its time, it needs a man who will take the company there. Mr. Arun Lakhani, chairman and managing director of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL) has had such a vis More

Nagpur – Where it all began

Nagpur is a turning pivotal location in my life says Arun Lakhani. The first city to take the lead is Nagpur, Maharashtra. Now included in the smart cities list, it has a population of over 2.5 millio More

Mining Industry and Government Should Work Hand-In-Hand, Says Vaikundarajan

“To put things into action, the Supreme Court has cancelled 204 coal blocks and declared them illegal and arbitrary allotments. It is time for the mining industry and government to find a common groun More

Jakarta Government Relaxes Export Ban on Mining Sector

“Jakarta government has decided to issue a government regulation on mining to expedite the resolution of issues faced in the mining sector,” says Vaikundarajan, founder of VV Minerals India, one of th More

Indian Urban Water Scenario by Arun Lakhani

The rapidly urbanizing Indian population is expected to reach a figure close to 600 million urban people by 2031. This massive transition is creating serious challenges for urban planners and ULBs, es More

Smart Water Management by Arun Lakhani

The CMD of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited – Arun Lakhani says “Currently, the industrial sector, which is one of the biggest consumers of water, is supplied fresh treated potable water. They can eas More

Mr. Arun Lakhani and Badminton The Sport

Chairman and Director of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL) Mr. Arun Lakhani affront runner in the water industry was chosen Maharashtra Badminton Association President. The Nagpur-based Arun Lakh More

The Entrepreneur - Arun Lakhani

“Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!” – Arun lakhani More

Arun Lakhani and Corporate Social Responsibility

Chairman and Managing Director of Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited (VIL India) Mr. Arun Lakhani says as a social entrepreneur I always believed being socially responsible and having a business that no More

Awards – Arun Lakhani

Mr. Arun Lakhani a man with a grand vision and a forward thinker makes India proud as a nation. India has vast obligation of Infrastructure building and improvement. Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited, More

Arun Lakhani’s view on Water and Waste Water Treatment

Here’s what Mr. Arun Lakhani has to say: What is required is an integrated approach to water management, by integrated approach we need to see the complete water cycle as a whole. So we detect it from More

Why Nagpur’s Water Management is a good model according driven by Arun Lakhani

“Currently, the industrial sector, which is one of the biggest consumers of water, is supplied fresh treated potable water. They can easily use waste water treated up to the secondary level. As much a More

Waste Water Treatment by VIL

Project Showcase: Nagpur 200 MLD STP Treatment and Reuse on PPP basis. Nagpur is 10th largest Indian city with ~2.5 Mn population. Population is expected to grow to ~5 Mn in the next 25 years. 3rd lar More

Including people as the 4th P in the PPP Model – Arun Lakhani

Involving people and to see their problems from their point of view, is a key factor for the sustainable growth in Water Sector especially through PPP. Therefore the concept of citizen engagement came More

Arun Lakhani’s Thoughts On Technology

Here’s what Mr. Arun Lakhani has to say the entire integrated water management project for Nagpur began with a simple concept that we want to have a round the clock water supply sustaining Nagpur tha More

Mining Industry Should Adhere To Environmental Clearance Rules, Says Vaikundarajan

Vaikundarajan further explains that the mining areas lack a safety mechanism to prevent these incidents from happening. More

Veolia France & Arun Lakhani

Orange City Water (OCW) will invest 18 million euros in the project to renovate the city's six water production plants and repair the 2,500 km of network More

French Indo-China War and Vietnam

Thi was born on 23 February 1923 in Hu?, then the capital of Vietnam and the seat of the Nguy?n dynasty.[1] At the time, Vietnam was part of the colony of French Indochina and his father was a low-lev More

Ottoman wars in Europe

The Ottoman wars in Europe, also known as the Ottoman Wars or Turkish Wars, were a series of military conflicts between the Ottoman Empire and various European states dating from the Late Middle Ages More

Villagers In South Goa Demand Construction Of Mining Bypass

“Around 6000 trucks are operational in Sanguem, Quepem and Curchorem. The issue was raised with the Assembly Session. The body has agreed to construct the mining bypass as soon as possible,” informs V More

UPA government favors Vaikundarajan as he is proven innocent in suspected fraud in thorium export

Heavy mineral mining industry in India is in a budding stage which yields great benefits to the Indian economy. More

Information On Various Government Scheme

The main goal of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan yojana is “Every people in India could have a banking accounts " built was actually implemented by our Honorable Sir Dr.Narendra modii Ji prime minister of Ind More

Tamil Nadu free from any capitalism, no ties between J. Jayalalithaa and VV Minerals

Tamil Nadu is one of those Indian states that contributes largely to the business enterprises sector and also towards the generation of employment and it was ranked as the third most developed state i More

Dr. Mahesh Sharma BJP: Helping with progress and development in Noida

Dr. Mahesh Sharma BJP is a popular BJP member, who is said to have contributed a lot to the development of Noida and is known to have won several awards and accolades in his lifetime. More

How to prepare for AFCAT Written Examination?

Candidates, who are going to appear in AFCTA exam this year, can find here some useful tips and guide about the preparation for AFCAT written examination. AFCAT exam is conducted twice every year. More

Abdul Sattar Abdul Nabi was born in Sillod on 1st Janurary, 1965.

He imbibed various qualities from these leaders and developed his own leadership qualities. More

Online Voting Platform: Pros & Cons

There has been a valid criticism of online voting in the past. But when the whole world has shifted to the cyberspace, it was an inevitable transition for voting as well. More

Zuluaga Wins First Round Of Colombia Election

Bogota, Colombia - Oscar Zuluaga, a far-right candidate who opposes peace talks with leftist rebels, has won the initially round of Colombia&rsquos presidential election with extra than 29 percent of More

Election-Year Defense Budget Spares Ships, Planes

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pentagon pleas for flexibility in maintaining the military ready to fight with significantly less funds have been largely ignored as a Republican-led Property panel kept older weapon More

Panama's Vice President Wins Presidential Election

PANAMA CITY (AP) — Vice President Juan Carlos Varela pulled off a surprise victory in Panama's presidential election Sunday, thwarting an attempt by former ally President Ricardo Martinelli to extend More

Senate Democrats Urging Obama To Pick Yellen As Next Fed Chief

A group of Senate Democrats are circulating a letter expressing support for Janet Yellen's potential nomination as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, according to several media reports. More

Markey Claims Massachusetts Senate Seat

Democratic congressman Ed Markey has won Tuesday's special senate election in Massachusetts, defeating Republican challenger Gabriel Gomez in a contest that saw fairly low turnout. More

Russia Says Syria's Assad Regime Agrees For Peace Talks

The Syrian government of embattled President Bashar al-Assad has agreed in principle to attend an international peace conference jointly proposed by Russia and the United States, media reports said on More

Yeddy_Corruption Facts

Every man wants to make progress in a short span of time, nobody wants to wait for years of hard work to accumulate and then be transformed into good life! But once there was a man , or rather still i More