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Obesity Treatment-Bariatric Surgery gives new life

Bariatric Surgery is considered to be a best option to fight with obesity. Due to the affordable cost and most effective treatment procedure Bariatric Surgery in Delhi is getting popular. More

Do You Think Any Of These Myths About Cellulite Are Really True?

There are always many myths associated with cellulite but if you are looking for more detailed information about cellulite then you can consult the doctor for it or search online and you will find a l More

Bariatric surgery in India is a newly emerging concept in fighting obesity

Bariatric surgery in India is a latest concept that includes various surgical procedures being performed on a person to enhance removal of fat from the body, at a very minimal range of cost. More

Obesity is still a problem in society

Every year, Canadians spend an enormous amount of money on weight loss diets to help them lose weight, so why is obesity still a problem?  Obesity, although it is very visible in society, is one of th More

The Key in Solving Problem Weight Loss

Obesity levels in Canada are on the rise and this is why it is so important to look at all of the contributing factors in our environment. Obesity has been associated with poor diets, super-sized port More