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New Age Homeopathic Sugar Control Treatment

The main cause of Diabetes is abrupt abnormal increment of glucose level in blood . Dr. Rupesh Singh who is awarded as Best Homoeopathic Physician in Mumbai - 2014 stated that high sugar level in b More


Online shopping for medicines can easily be availed online now as we have much advance in the technology. More

Type 1 Diabetes Market Size To Worth USD 25.52 Billion By 2024

The global type 1 diabetes market size was valued at USD 25.52 billion in 2016 and is expected to exhibit rewarding growth over the forecast period More

How a Diabetologist in Delhi saved my marriage

Dr. Rajesh kesari Diabetologist in Delhi gave me proper attention and tested few Parameters as per his discussion. After the test result he gave me medicine and gave a proper diet chart. I took proper More

Diabetes in India: becoming a killer disease of the poor

As India becomes more prosperous, the prevalence of diabetes is undergoing a demographic transformation, shifting from largely afflicting the affluent to increasingly burdening the poor and middle inc More

Lancet and Pen Needles Market Size, Country Outlook, Growth Potential, Competitive Strategies and Fo

Europe, the Middle East and Africa Lancet and Pen Needles Market Report, by Application (Hospital, Clinic, Research Lab) - Forecast to 2021 More

Pathology Labs in East Delhi

This age old truth is even more relevant today than it has ever been in the earlier days. The most important thing in anyone’s life is good health. Without the boon of good health we can scarcely enjo More

Control Diabetes & Prevent Complications

One of the most widespread chronic diseases that has gripped our country is Diabetes. Specialist in Delhi and other north Indian cities estimate that every 5th to 8th person living in a metro like Del More

7 Steps to Health Have Your Covered All the Aspects?

Furthermore, it could assist you to keep the power you've. Wholesome Diet plan An additional 7 Steps to Health attribute of wholesome residing entails getting a wholesome diet plan. More

Diabetes Discomfort - Complications because of Diabetes

Some people believe that if you can’t feel it – it isn’t there. But that’s not the case with Diabetes – or rather that’s the problem with Diabetes. More

Diabetes - a Side effect of Urban Living

Diabetes is definitely more prevalent in the urban centres in our country, different studies have shown different rates but it may be prevalent in 8-20 % of urban metro population. More

Diabetologist in Delhi –your best guide for Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease, for those suffering with diabetes it’s a part of their life which they have to tackle with daily and throughout their life. More

Why Stay Gluten Free- Here’s The Reason

Everybody on earth can attain a healthier lifestyle when he/she tries to focuses on the content of food. It is always a piece of good advice from experts when asked to stay away from starchy products More

Prevent diabetes – Ask your Diabetologist

In Delhi the number of Diabetes cases is ever on increase. But the good thing about Diabetes is that it may be prevented. We would take the help of a prominent Diabetologist at Delhi on ways of preven More

Tips for controlling Diabetes

Even small things can make a big difference in controlling Diabetes, Specialist in Delhi have always advocated good food habits and regular exercise as key points in keeping yourself healthy and Diabe More

Fighting Diabetes- Improving Lives

We all know that an approach aimed at preventing any disease is the best. Diabetologist in Delhi and the world over also feel the same. Diabetes is caused due to insufficient Insulin secretion by the More

The Soar of Reverse Diabetes in New Jersey

One of the leading proponents of the new dietary approach in New Jersey is Dr. Jonathan Spages, DC. He specializes in Functional Medicine and is uniquely skilled at working with the root, bio-chemical More

Diabetes Doctor shows the path of better control

Diabetes is a disease in which glucose levels in the blood remain persistently high. This condition if untreated leads to several complications in the body. More

Consultancies Diabetic Food

Once you have downloaded the insulin sick must eat prescribed meals. More

Get diabetes treated with ayurvedic wisdom!

Gurmar is a climbing bush and the leaves have been generally accepted to be equipped for wrecking sugar. Gymnema leaves contain acids that have against diabetic activity. More

BEAT DIABETES with your Diabetes Specialist

Diabetes specialists in Delhi and abroad are of the opinion that diabetes incidence is rising due to the changes in lifestyle occurring in our country. There are many facts influencing these changes. More

Diabetes Care – Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Untreated diabetes can lead to serious, sometimes fatal, complications, including blindness, amputations, failure and heart disease. Nearly all complications develop from having high blood glucose lev More

Diabetes- affecting the migrant urban population

It is the ultimate aim to control diabetes and prevent complications in diabetic patients of all diabetes specialist. Delhi being a metropolis and capital city sees a large influx of migrant populatio More

Stress management in diabetes

We are trying to answer these questions in our today’s article. Let’s start with understanding WHAT IS STRESS? So we asked Diabetologist in Delhi Dr Rajesh Kesari about stress and how it may affect pa More


Dr Rajesh Kesari Diabetologist in Indirapuram & Ghaziabad says our country has many such Manisha’s who are not aware that they are suffering from diabetes. More

Diabetes timebomb – waiting to explode

Diagnosis of Prediabetes may provide an opportunity to the person of preventing or delaying the onset of full blown Diabetes and avoiding lifelong Diabetes medications. More

Diabetes and Gum Disease – Do they Have any Connection

Before we get into the topic, let’s know about the periodontal disease. Periodontal disease also known as gum disease has two common forms. As explained by cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, the first is More

Receive Tips for Diabetic Condition after Reading Arriva Medical Reviews Online

If you lack appropriate information on ways to control sugar levels, then Arriva Medical can help you out. And, as many of their patients have cited in their reviews online, the tips offered by the me More

How Important is Blood Testing for Body and its Functions

Total Care Control is a dedicated Diabetes Care Centre- the only of its kind in east Delhi. All the necessary facilities for treatment and management of Diabetes are available e.g Consultation with Di More

Get rid of your health problems by Arriva Medical

Find the best solution and the quality products home delivery of diabetic problems and for important drugs by Arriva Medical. Here you just have to enjoy the cure. Arriva Medical is one of most repute More

Get a Blood test in Indirapuram while sitting at Home

Total Care Control is a Dedicated Diabetes Care Centre located at Mayur Vihar area in East Delhi, a Branch of the same has been recently opened in Indirapuram and has been widely welcomed by all the r More

Specialized Diabetes Care by Diabetologist

A Diabetes patient requires not only medicines but a comforting care which involves a lot of counseling about Diet and Lifestyle- only such a comprehensive care can provide results which above par and More

Diabetes Essentials by Diabetologist

Diabetes if uncontrolled for long ie.15-20 years, in some cases earlier may lead to ocular complications predominantly Diabetic Retinopathy- which affects the Retina- the light sensing part of the eye More

Centre for Diabetic Treatments in Delhi

Diabetes is an age old disease and has till yet affected millions across the world, in India alone there are estimated to be 65 million known Diabetics, it knows no barriers of race, colour, sex and e More

Arriva Medical is the Largest Diabetes Medicine Supplier

This Company is the biggest suppliers of the medicines to the people suffering from diabetes and other chronic diseases. We supply the medicines to the patients at their doorstep. More

Diabetic Diet 101 – Right Food Items to Lower Blood Sugar

So many people believe that a diabetic diet is strict and a no-fun meal plans. But, that’s a myth. Agreeably, diabetes diet plan does exclude few fun food items, but who is it to say that diet for dia More

What Are The Differences Between Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a group of disorders, which are indicated by the lower production of insulin. But, these types of diabetes are very different. Type 1 diabetes demonstrates a dramatic weight loss. More

Risk Factors And Symptoms Of Type 1 Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes, each with its own warning signs. Age seems to be the primary differentiating factor between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. More

Diabetes Care 101 - How To Avoid Diabetes Complications?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that implies the shortage of insulin. But this lifestyle disorder can have a significant impact on your heart, kidney, eyes and more. More

Manage you Diabetes - High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol levels

Diabetes , High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol levels are diseases which have become epidemics in the modern world. People living in metros are more prone to suffer from such diseases. Diagnosis More

Why Blood Test is important in Diagnosis & Chronic Disease management

Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes and other Chronic diseases like High Blood Pressure , High Cholesterol , Infectious diseases like typhoid, Malaria and Dengue is heavily dependent on Blood Test More

Diabetes Basics - Strategies For Type 2 Diabetes Management

All types of diabetes are associated with out-of-range blood sugar levels. But, type 2 diabetes is a progressive disorder that can cause severe damage to several body organ systems. More

Diabetes Diet Tips 101- Exotic Diabetes Diet for Indians

Most people believe that diabetic diet is the most boring and bland thing to eat. Most patients are asked to cut down on high GI food items like sugar, potato, meat and rice. More

Diabetes Diet Tips 101 - How To Lower Your Blood Sugar

Whether you are suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, balanced blood sugar level is crucial for patient's health. Research has linked high blood sugar levels to several kidney, heart, and eye prob More

Diabetes 101 - Top 4 Causes For Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of metabolic conditions that stops or reduces the insulin production in the body. Among all different types of diabetes, type 2 diabetes affects almost 90% of all diabetes patients More

Diabetes Basics - Diabetes Mellitus And What Causes It?

Let’s introduce readers to the some basic information about diabetes. Diabetes is popularly known as one of the silent killers because it is more than just a digestive system disorder. More

Healthy Indulgences For Diabetes Patients

The most common complaint of diabetes patients is a diet. People want to eat what they like, especially in India where celebrations and ceremonies = rich heavy food. More

Role Of Diabetes Clinic In Diabetes Management

Central role of a diabetes clinic is to offer exhaustive and extensive treatment to diabetics. A diabetes hospital or diabetes clinic typically engages a team of medical professionals to offer these More

What to expect from the best Diabetologist in Delhi?

there is a sizable population of Diabetics, wether it be Type 2, Type1, Gestational Diabetes or Prediabetics. All these persons require attention and advice of Diabetes specialist in Delhi. More

What Is Type 2 Diabetes? Learn The Symptoms And Warning Signs.

Did you know that Type 2 diabetes is also known as a silent killer? How many people are aware that this type of diabetes poses a risk of blood pressure, heart attack, loss of vision, and kidney failur More

How To Live And Thrive With Diabetes – Advice From A Specialist

Agreeably, life with diabetes may not be a montage of fun and enjoyable moments. But, take necessary caution and it won’t have to be gloom and doom either. More

3 Ways To Enjoy Your Meals And Lifestyle With Diabetes

A lot of type 2 diabetes patients have a simple goal. They want to enjoy their meals, their life and have diabetes under control. Most diabetes specialists will tell you that it is possible. More

How To Enjoy A Full And Long Life With Diabetic Diet?

One of the biggest challenges of living a life with diabetes is the diet. This lifestyle disorder is tough for everyone. Non-vegetarians do not want to live on veggies and fruits for the sake of diab More

Frequently Asked Questions About Diabetes Clinic – Answered!

Specialty clinics like diabetes clinic are designed to offer exhaustive and extensive support to patients. More

Overview of effective Diabetic Treatments in Delhi

Fortunately there is a dedicated Diabetes Care Centre – Total Care Control which provides complete treatment and management options for persons suffering from Diabetes. Dr Rajesh Kesari a Diabetologis More

Your Guide To Different Types Of Diabetes

Diabetes, a group of several conditions, have only single thing in common. The level of blood sugar is higher than the norm. That’s it. More

What Is The Right Time To Visit Diabetes Specialist?

What is the right time to visit diabetes specialist? Most patients ask this question to their family doctor or a family physician. More

How To Live An Active Life With Customised Diabetes Plans

Mostly a discussion about diet and diabetes revolves around type 2 diabetes because it is the most common one. It is much easier to achieve functional status with type 2 diabetes than others. More

An Diabetes Management Guide For Active And Healthy Living

Are you a diabetic, who is sick and tired of boring diabetic diet programme? Do you believe that a diet for diabetics does not work? Have you tried many diabetes diet plans without success? More

Expert speaks: Mobile and cell phone tower radiation will not affect you

As more and more individuals are using mobile phones to connect with others, signals are being transmitted back and forth to the base station. More

The Natural Diabetes Treatment

In Today's fast growing world, most of the people are busy to fulfill all the basic needs of day-to-day life. More

Fight diabetes the natural way

The most-basic reason diabetes is caused in the body is because of increased glucose or sugar levels in the blood. More

Herbal medicine can cure diabetes

Indian culture is very vast. We have an ancient science called Ayurveda to find out the remedies for many diseases More

The natural way to cure diabetes

There are many people in the world who are suffering from diabetes. It is a disorder that affects the blood sugar levels. A diabetic person can avail various methods to treat the disease. Science has More

Effective Herbal Remedies from Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the unpredictable diseases. It has many types and symptoms depending on your health condition, age, and weight More

Make a Sweet Choice for a Healthier Living!

Sugar has the potential to aggravate health problems and trigger new ones. Using natural alternatives to sugar is a wise choice to be made by everyone. More

How to Deal with Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is one sort of health disorder that generally causes issues with the eye. This disease has been providing some of the severe signs and symptoms that are not so easy to cure. More

Buy Blood Glucose Monitor Online For Your Diabetes Care

For patients suffering from diabetes, properly-functioning blood glucose meters can quite literally be lifesavers. A number of new developments in blood glucose testing can allow for greater convenien More

Diabetes Care: Stay Fit with Blood Glucose Meter

Many people nowadays suffer from diabetes, especially senior citizens, therefore people are becoming conscious day by day about their health and medical science has come up with many diabetes checking More


These were the four popular myths about diabetes. Such myths have done the rounds for quite long now. But it's always better to be late than never. It will be good to understand the actual facts about More

Specialty of One Touch Ultra Test Strips

Choose the best one! Try it and get benefits by using this product. Now diabetes control and management are easy with this testing strip. Accuracy and efficiency always give better treatment for you. More

Vital – The Actual Brand Name for Diabetes Care and Management

This brand makes your life happy, healthy and diabetes free. Try these products once, you feel the betterment very soon. Check your blood sugar level with these products before and after taking meal r More

Make your feet healthy and foot care with diabetic shoes

Many of the foot disease like Arthritis, arch pain, bunions etc are the worse problem for your feet. Choosing best and comfortable shoes acc your problem is top alternative for preventing your foot pr More

Is It Safe to Consume Modafinil in the Long Run?

Day by day he demand for modafinil smart drug has been increasing. It is simply because of the effectiveness of the drug and its effects on various other issues too such as daytime sleepiness and also More

How to take care of a diabetic person

Regular health check up is very important. Get it done for your current condition and a precautionary measure to check for others which can occur as an after effect of diabetes. More

Some Useful And Important Diabetes Testing Supplies

Testing and monitoring blood sugar levels using high quality testing supplies such as Glucometers and testing strips is important for every diabetic patient. But besides regular testing and monitoring More

Glucometer – A Useful Device to Monitor And Control Blood Sugar Levels

The decision to monitor blood glucose levels regularly is quite helpful and will greatly assist you in your fight against diabetes. If you are a diabetic then it is advisable to consult an experienced More

Useful Instructions For Diabetic Patients

If you are a diabetic patient and are planning a long drive then you must first check your blood sugar levels using quality glucometer along with diabetes blood sugar test strips or blood sugar testin More

Adult Diabetes Symptoms - 10 Simple Signs You Need To Know

The body can not function fully when it accumulates in the blood, thus losing the main source of fuel. Adult diabetes or Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to kee More

Diabetes Medications And Osteoporosis - Have you Heard The Call?

Around that time, scientists were just saying that the greater risk may be due to diabetes complications. They said that those who have diabetes and have a low blood sugar, stroke, neuropathy, retinop More

Diabetes Treatment - you might Not Need Drugs If You Can Control your Diet

the last drop of the sort of diabetes that you are running and its causes, as well as its current prosperity. Among other diabetes treatments that you need to think about using a lot of exercises to p More

How To Cure Diabetes Naturally Exercises

You can earn the benefits of being physically active without going to the gym, playing sports, or using fancy equipment. Inactivity is a disease completely. It consists of Obesity house wives, mothers More

Why Do Blood Glucose Levels is Important for Diabetics

Since blood sugar levels should be checked daily, and more often for those with Type I diabetes, going to the doctor every day is neither affordable or practical. Instead, a simple handheld digital b More

How To Cure Type 2 Diabetes - Simple Plan Exercise And Diet

If you live an inactive lifestyle, start using only a little each day. Gradually work your way up to more exercise, which will reduce the possibility of burning out. And find something that you enjoy, More

Book Review - Death to Diabetes - 6 Stages of Type 2 Diabetes Control And Recovery

If the fasting blood glucose test is normal, but the patient has risk factors or a risk group for diabetes and exhibit major symptoms of possible diabetes More

Diabetic Diet Foods Eat - Best Foods To Control Blood Sugar

You can keep off drugs, to some extent, and control blood sugar levels by getting accustomed to eating those foods exclusively recommended by dietitians. More

Diabetes and Obesity - Is Obesity and Family History Guarantee Diabetes?

Making changes to your diet and lose at least five to ten percent of your body weight will make a big impact, because it will be adding a small exercise regimen. Your health is important, and to take More

Do I Create One For My Diabetes Mellitus Poor Diet?

Also, high cholesterol and diabetes especially in women history of gestational diabetes to a high-risk DM type second Type 2 can be controlled with changes in diet and exercise. Medications are also More

3 Deadly Mistakes Diabetics Make - How To Change The Disease To control Diabetes Diet

When you know that your body reacts badly to certain foods, you can adjust the food intake and change their condition. This will prevent the attack, or the nerve endings damage or vision. More

Early Symptoms of Diabetes - Diabetes Is A Proven System To Eliminate

If you notice any of these symptoms, schedule a doctor. He or she will be able to tell if you have a reason to be worried about diabetes conclusion. More

4 Types of Diabetes Drug Use in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Research

The most popular way to prevent type 1 diabetes mellitus using drugs that work to fight diabetes, stop diabetes from destroying the beta cells of the pancreas. More

You can Prepare Meals to Reduce the Problems Associated with Diabetes

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, there are many new challenges that the person must be able to overcome. Fortunately today, with medicines and technologies. More

The Remaining Positive when Dealing with the Importance of Diabetes

Those who deal with diabetes on a daily basis know that it is hard to keep your spirits up, fight against the enemy every day. More

Sugary Drinks are Giving You Heart Disease

Heart disease is considered as one of the major causes of mortality across the globe. To live longer, it is thus important to understand the various ways of cardiac care, including that of preventing More

Is This the Cure for Diabetes?

With the increased levels of obesity in Canada, there has been a correlated increase in the number of people being diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Due to the serious complications that can occur wit More

Is Diabetes Actually Reversible?

11 participants in a study conducted at Newcastle University in England were able to reverse the effects of Type-2 diabetes by restricting eating habits. The findings could possibly cure diabetes, and More

Is Pain All in Your Imagination?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is defined as the inability to attain or to maintain an erection. ED is most commonly experienced by aging men; however there is a small population of young men who also s More

Simple Diet Changes to Ease Diabetic Symptoms

It is no secret that a balanced diet can help ease the pain and suffering associated with many common ailments. Some dieticians have even been able to design menus for specific health conditions but i More

What Protects Your Eyes Better Than Carrots Can?

The second most common cause of vision loss in people over 65 is macular degeneration. In this condition, the retina is injured. This condition affects close to two million people in the U.S., a numbe More

A Realistic Look at Mercury, Fish and Omega-3s

So there is mercury in fish. There is mercury in our bodies as well, whether or not we eat fish. There is plenty of interest in the subject of fish and mercury. There is plenty of conflict, too, as b More